Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Insurance Coverage Defeated


abortion is murder Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Insurance Coverage Defeated

Photo Credit: -nanio- (Creative Commons)

Pro-life advocates in Washington state are celebrating the defeat of legislation that would have required that any insurance policy sold to state residents for maternity coverage also require policyholders to pay for coverage of abortions.

The measure forces all individuals to purchase and all businesses sell abortion insurance coverage on a maternity plan. The Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2330 passed from the House floor 52-46 and then passed through several Senate hurdles to wind up on the state Senate floor.

The bill eventually found itself caught up in a debate over the state budget and Republicans in the Washington Senate were able to peel three Democratic votes away from the caucus  and two votes to try to bring up the measure failed on Friday. With Friday the cutoff for bills to receive approval, that means the pro-abortion measure is dead for the legislative session and abortion backers will have to try again next time.

Read more at LifeNews.com. By Steven Ertelt.

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