Israel Might Have Just Scared Obama Into Removing the Flight Ban To Israel

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As Western Journalism reported, critics in both Israel and the U.S. spoke out against a ban on flights to and from Israel imposed earlier this week by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz issued an ultimatum Wednesday, while the ban was still in effect, promising to “hold all State Department nominees until the Obama administration answers questions” regarding the curtailment of air travel to the embattled Jewish nation.

Among the information he wants the White House to provide is the rationale behind imposing such a ban on Israel under the guise of safety concerns while neglecting other nations experiencing similarly dangerous conflicts.

He also seeks to determine whether the FAA’s decision was actually based on such concerns, or if the ban was meant as a coercive measure to ensure Israel ends its military strikes on Palestinian terrorists sending rockets into the nation from the Gaza Strip.

If the latter was the intention, however, a Jewish Press report indicates it could not have been more ineffective. The article concludes that the administration rescinded its ban after 36 hours upon receiving notice from the Israeli government that it would be forced to increase its offensive as a result of America’s action.

According to Arad Nir, a reporter with Israel Channel 2, the nation informed the U.S. government that, in order to make sure Israel became safe enough for air travel to recommence, it would have to launch a significantly more aggressive attack in Gaza to shut down the ongoing threat of missile strikes.

Nir asserted that when FAA officials became aware of the consequences the agency’s action would have, they decided to lift the ban.

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  1. go Israel!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This goes to show how much the white house hates Israel and Lurch Kerry proves it when caught on camera crapping on the jews.Yet American Jews support the sand monkey unbelieveable. With all the airpots that Obutthole and FAA should worry about they put the safest one on the no land list.

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