Warren Buffett’s Unprecedented Financial Support Of Abortion Defies Belief

As leftist politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid castigate wealthy Republican donors Charles and David Koch, they conveniently ignore the massive influx of capital benefiting their causes from the likes of billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

Recent reports indicate that, while his giving to liberal causes is widely known, the amount he has earmarked for one specific issue is staggering. Between 2001 and 2012, Buffett contributed a whopping $1.2 billion to abortion providers and affiliated organizations.

The revelation, largely ignored by mainstream media sources, triggered investigative reports of Buffett’s charitable organization, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. Not only is the charity named after a vigilant pro-abortion activist who happened to be his first wife; Buffett also chose a radical anti-lifer to head its domestic operations.

Dr. Tracy Weitz not only includes several abortion advocacy groups – including Planned Parenthood – on her resume; she had the audacity to refer to the murder of an unborn child as “a moral action undertaken by moral agents.”

In fact, as Fox News reported, the organization’s website explicitly states the foundation “responds to questions about College Scholarships and the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award” and “will not respond to any other inquiries.”

The media seems complicit in keeping the outrageous sum of pro-abortion spending under wraps. Reports indicate that out of hundreds of news segments devoted to Buffett on network news programs since 2001, none indicated his predilection toward financially funding child murder. One NBC report, however, did mention his late wife’s work with Planned Parenthood during its on-air obituary for her.

Of course, Buffett’s contributions are in no way illegal; and, as most Americans would agree, he should be free to support whatever causes he deems worthy with his own money. The lengths to which he has apparently gone to obfuscate those donations, however, is telling.

When the press got word that former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich made a comparatively minuscule one-time contribution to a traditional marriage initiative, many journalists seized on the manufactured scandal and prompted his ouster. When Buffett donates more than a million times more money to ensure the murder of the most helpless among us, however, the same sources are conspicuously silent.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The old geezer Buffet is nothing but an Obutthole tool and just a blow hrd trying to hurt the republican party.He takes advantages of loopholes to pay less in taxes then his secretary but won't cut a check because he doesn't want to.As far as the abortions and giving so much to murder the unborn well it must be cause he can write it off.Hitlary is the Butcher Of Benghazi and buffet can be the Butcher Of Abortions.Buffet should be with Gonsell from Philly

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