Warning: Here’s How The Democrats Will Shut Down Benghazi Investigation For Good…

The Democrats are about to unleash the hounds of hell against anyone who tries to discover the truth about Benghazi!

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bill is right Poopalosi and the Dwarf Dingy Harry will release the hounds from hell .These unamericans don't want the public to know the truth about Benghazi because Hitlary and BigEars will be implicated.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Democrats make it abundantly clear that they could care less about uncovering the truth on Benghazi, all they care about is shielding their prophets from the big bad GOP. They will bring lies and smears tactics, they will throw all the dirt they can find and make up on all the Republicans. We just have to constantly tell them that the democrats fell asleep and did not treat a lethal attack by Islamic terrorists on Americans on American soil as a crisis and an Act of War. They all did absolutely nothing because there was NO stand down order, everyone was just waiting for obama or clinton to make a directive/decision/order and none came? Republicans are making it clear they plan to use the power of the Benghazi Select Committee to continue to find the facts about the tragedy that occurred in Benghazi.
    Cummings worked with the IRS that was talking with the DOINJ, the FEC and the CID to prosecute groups opposed to obama before the 2012 elections. Cummings is a liar and co-conspirator and should be in jail.
    Duckworth spit on the faces of the Benghazi parents and walked out on them when they were trying to find out what happened to their children. The parents have absolutely no closure while their children’s bodies have totally decayed after 20 months. obama and clinton also spit in the parents faces when they lied about a video. obama and clinton’s bodies should be rotting in a grave in Benghazi.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    List of questions that still need to be answered, please pass on to Trey

    Before Attack:
    Who reduced pre-attack security, and Why?
    Was it to keep personnel to a minimum due to all the secrets?
    Did obama and clinton know about it, and what did obama and clinton think and do about those directives/decisions/orders?
    What happened to the Blue Mountain security and the Feb 17th brigade? Did they support Ansar al Shariah?
    What activity was going on at the compound/annex, collecting/transferring arms from/to al Qaeda, Did obama or clinton know this?
    Why was STEVENS put in that position in the first place?
    Where are obama’s daily intelligence briefings, Why were they not declassified and released?
    The rebels in Libya were mostly al Qaeda, Qaddafi was controlling al Qaeda, Why did obama and clinton and Nato start an illegal war to kill Qaddafi when he was trying to give up?
    Why didn’t obama support/stabilize the new Libyan government so al Qaeda wouldn’t take over?
    Did obama or clinton want al Qaeda running arms?
    Does anyone know that obama/brennan’s JSOC droned Abu Yahya Al-Libi in Pakistan 9/10/12 and they promised revenge, Was the Annex being used for this program?
    Why everybody, and the consulate in Benghazi?
    CIA’s Global Response Staff (GRS) were at the CIA Annex and Tripoli!
    Why were military assets not prepared, alert and positioned for a fast response for such a foreseeable anniversary attack?

    During Attack:
    Was obama or clinton awake or asleep? What were (AWOL-In-Cief) and clinton doing (Was obama preparing for Las Vegas)? When did obama and clinton learn about STEVENS’s ~7/1:45 p/am death?
    What directives/decisions/orders given?
    AWOL-In-Chief didn’t convene a meeting in the Situation Room, didn’t convene the CSG (Counterterrorism Security Group), didn’t even bother to call Panetta or Dempsey after their 5/11 pm meeting.
    Why wasn’t clinton’s CIA FEST deployed (was this a stand down?), due to CBA or MANPADs or NO orders?
    ~ 4/10:45 pm: SMITH dies, STEVENS missing!
    ~7/1:45 p/am: STEVENS DIES IN HOSPITAL! Was he the main target, Was he suppose to be a hostage for the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, Why was he cremated?
    ~11/5:15 p/am: 2 former Navy SEALs DOHERTY and WOODS DIE (total 4 dead) and 2 more were wounded!
    Why was the GRS the only military asset that took <24hours?
    There was NO stand down order, everyone was just waiting for obama or clinton to make a directive/decision/order?
    Who were the prisoners at the CIA Annex that the GRS handed over to authorities that night, Was the CIA Annex used like Gitmo?
    Why was the 3 hour delay caused by negotiations with Libyan authorities over permission to leave the airport; obtaining vehicles; and the need to frame a clear mission plan?
    3/9:59 pm drone positioned (Congress demands access to drone and all feeds)!
    everyone was informed about the attack on Tuesday 9/11/12 ~4/10:32 pm!
    After the 5/11 pm meeting with obama and Panetta and Dempsey (all knew it was a terrorist attack), What did obama do before obama was never heard from again?
    Panetta says no directives/decisions/orders were given after the meeting!
    Only obama can order a CBA (Cross Border Authority) needed to get into Libya!
    ~6/12 p/am Annex first attack starts, RPGs are used, so everyone knew it was a terrorist attack!
    6-8pm/12-2am: Panetta meets in the Pentagon with sr. officials, Dempsey, Ham, but not the CSG? Panetta directs (provides verbal authorization, was it Panetta or obama or clinton?) assets to prepare to deploy, but never deployed, due to CBA or MANPADs or NO orders?
    ~6/12:07 p/am: Ansar al-Sharia claimed credit for attack, Did Panetta or obama or clinton know about this, and still blame the video at ~10/4:32 p/am, 4.5 hours later? (The existence of the email was not disclosed until Reuters reported it on Oct. 24).
    ~8/2:39 p/am: (Why ~5 hours after attack began at ~3/9:42 pm) Panetta (or obama or clinton or neither?) ordered 2 FAST and 1 EUCOM special operations to prepare to deploy, but never deployed, due to CBA or MANPADs or NO orders?
    ~8/2:53 p/am: (Why ~5 hours after attack began at ~3/9:42 pm) Panetta (or obama or clinton or neither?) ordered a U.S. special operations to prepare to deploy, but never deployed, due to CBA or MANPADs or NO orders?
    What WH officials thought the attack was over after the first attack ended at ~9/3:32 p/am? ~10/4:32 p/am clinton blamed the video 45 minutes before the second attack started at ~11/5:15 p/am?

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    After Attack:
    Who edited the intelligence community talking points? Why did rice give them instead of obama or clinton?
    Why hasn’t Congress received all subpoenaed documents/transcripts of all directives/decisions/orders? Why did Kerry lie about handing them to Congress?
    Why wasn’t clinton interviewed in the ARB? Why did the IG open a probe on the report, and what was the conclusion?
    obama wanted to boost his foreign policy for two reasons.
    1) The true account of events undercut Obama’s claim during the campaign that al Qaeda was severely weakened in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden. obama and clinton's political careers are more important than American lives!
    2) The true account of what happened in Benghazi that night would have revealed that Obama and clinton did not treat Islamic terrorists a threat. obama and clinton's political careers are more important than American lives!
    Did obama or clinton or our intelligence community know about classified cables/emails of terrorists in Benghazi?
    Why did it take ~24.5 hours after the attack began to get everyone to the German hospital?
    Panetta testified that the military should not be a 911 service capable of being on the scene within minutes, that’s what the FEST was for! Was Panetta and Petraeus and Dempsey and Ham part of the cover up after the attack?
    Panetta testified it was a terrorist attack, but obama and clinton say it was a video, so was Panetta updating obama and clinton on the attack or on the video?
    Panetta and Dempsey testified it was not a clear picture to send help?
    Panetta and Dempsey testified that no help was dispatched to try to save the Americans because:
    1) obama and clinton never requested it?
    2) Not enough time/distance, when nobody knew when it would be over?
    There was NO stand down order, everyone was just waiting for obama or clinton to make a directive/decision/order?
    The ever ongoing FBI investigation, didn’t release terrorist pics until 8 months?
    Why hasn’t the ever ongoing FBI investigation brought anyone to justice? >15 people died helping the investigation!
    Why did obama treat the attack as a criminal ever ongoing FBI investigation, instead of a military act of war?
    Why has the ever ongoing FBI investigation impeded (no questions would be answered) other agencies to investigate who was responsible for the attack?
    Where is the ever ongoing FBI investigation? Was the investigation a total farce?
    Why did Congress never get access to all the survivors?
    Why were the survivors and others involved (including Petraeus) sequestered, ordered not to talk, and need obama permission to testify?
    If they testify, will their careers be over?
    Why did Obama and clinton lie to Congress and America?
    Federal agents and prosecutors have filed charges (a SEALED complaint in New York) against Ahmed Khattalah, leader of a Libyan militia that was involved in the assault, but never arrested him!
    9/11/13: The feds never approached him, but CNN had no trouble getting him to sit down for a two-hour interview!
    Pictures of 3 different guys that the FBI suspected and wanted to question and bring in, but were never caught and never questioned.
    The INJustice Department said that investigators have made "very significant progress in the investigation.”

    I hope I can help a little, Does Trey have a website to post questions?

    Concerned American

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