Want To Be Like Einstein? Here’s Michelle Obama’s Odd Advice

The first lady’s effort to dictate what Americans eat and how much they exercise continues with consistent updates of her Let’s Move! weblog.

A few months after Michelle Obama teamed up with the Partnership for a Healthier America for a new initiative called Drink Up, an entry at letsmove.gov listed the purported benefits of drinking massive amounts of water.

Despite the fact that water consumption is a common denominator among all life forms on earth, the blog seemed to make wild speculations regarding how drinking the clear liquid could transform people into a scientific genius or heavyweight boxing champion.

Photos of Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali with a glass of ice water nearby are used as evidence of its importance.

“Apparently, being the smartest person on the planet requires more than just brainpower,” a caption below the Einstein photograph reads.

Certainly, water is a vital component of any person’s life. Obama’s blog, however, complains that it “doesn’t get the credit it deserves,” and encourages people to “spread the word about water” via the Twitter hashtag #SpreadTheWater.

Naturally, the blog entry celebrated Michelle Obama’s contribution in changing the world by suggesting water consumption rose in the months since her Drink Up campaign began.

While it is helpful to ingest liquids when one is thirsty, it is doubtful many individuals need to be reminded how to combat a dry mouth. The commonly circulated myth that humans should drink eight glasses of water a day, however, has been disproven through research by numerous experts.

In fact, studies show that, when foods made up primarily of water are included, people generally take in far more than the recommended 2 liters of water daily. In the end, most research indicates that simply drinking water when thirsty is sufficient to maintain a healthy body.

Of course, that narrative would not have made nearly as exciting a blog entry for America’s activist first lady.

Photo credit: ThomasThomas (Flickr)

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