Wait…What? Obama Statue Stolen, Grieving Owner Hospitalized, Fake Obama Found…With Beer


Okay, here’s a classic “you can’t make this stuff up” story….

A life-size statue of Barack Obama went missing from the front porch of a Pennsylvania woman (Obama fan)…

who was so distraught that she had to be hospitalized (ObamaCare coverage?)…

the tragedy of which was the subject of a lengthy TV news report (see video above)…

not long before the AWOL Obama likeness was found sprawled on a public bench with a six pack of beer (exquisitely symbolic).

H/T breitbart.com for this brief interlude from the more serious news of the day:

Pennsylvania resident Tiffany Bruce checked into a hospital after she discovered that her life-size Obama statue was missing.

The $1,249 statue that she kept outside her house on a bench was a staple in the neighborhood, as the family gave him a Halloween costume and dressed him up as Santa Claus for Halloween.

The statue was found Thursday at the Francis E. Walter Dam, sitting on a bench with a six pack of beer.

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