Voting Present: Obama Dithered 16 Hours Before Killing Bin Laden

Ben Johnson,

The media are salivating that Osama bin Laden’s death will seal Barack Obama’s re-election. But detailed reports show that the process that led to the event Democrats are calling Obama’s greatest triumph should be tantamount to a disqualification for holding the nation’s highest office. Delving into the details reveals that Obama proved as weak-kneed and indecisive about getting bin Laden as he has about every presidential decision that does not involve spending America into oblivion, advancing fundamentalist Islamic interests, or harassing middle Americans who oppose his agenda.

Analysts confirmed beyond any doubt that Osama bin Laden was on the premises of the Abbottabad compound months ago. This New York Times story notes that Obama asked his key defense advisers for options – on March 22. The Times passes over everything that unraveled in the ensuing month. Outgoing CIA Director Leon Panetta pushed for a response in a meeting held last Thursday. Three reporters at the NYT record Obama’s response: “I’m not going to tell you what my decision is now – I’m going to go back and think about it some more. I’m going to make a decision soon.”

Obama finally came to a conclusion – a mere 16 hours later.

Media Matters excoriates the “right-wing media” as “desperate” for pointing this out, but it seems apropos to note the leader of the free world, charged with keeping the homeland safe and meting justice out to international criminals, could not decide whether the man who planned 9/11 should be killed for two-thirds of a day.

What accounts for this indecision? Some bloggers have highlighted the anonymous tale of an alleged White House “insider” posted here. According to that account….

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  1. Gerald Smith says:

    Media Matters criticizes the press for reporting Obama's dithering but their cohorts wrote endlessly about Bush's delay of a minute or two before leaving the classroon following the 9/11 attack. This is rich!!!

    • Media Matters is a CIA group. They now have to bow to Obummer and were angry with Bush for not snapping to attention when the CIA barked its orders to him.

    • KEEP IN MIND OBUMMER CANT DO ANY WRONG OR AT LEAST that is what the dumicrats seem to think he puts his foot in his mouth at least once a week

  2. 1bigdog1 says:

    It's not a surprise the Liar in Chief could not make the call with out seeing if he could blame it on someone else if it failed… He deserves no credit for the success of the mission. The seals did it not the Liar in chief. His phony champain to ground zero is a sham. To bad the good people from the Big Apple showed up for fraud .

    Looks like his birth certificate is just like him A big fraud

  3. Supposedly, he wanted 16 hours to "sleep on it". Well, since it happened about 11 pm, did he sleep all day? Or, were NOT the Seals ready to go at a moment's notice, as I'd expect from them?

  4. RMagnano says:

    He is the LEADER, right? Haven't we had enough of his kind of leadership? When a leader leads his followers
    toward the edge of a cliff someone has got to stand up and say STOP or you'll all die. Does anyone remember Jim Jones who gave his followers poisoned COOL AID after preaching the end of the earth was coming and the cool aid would hasten their journey to heaven. That's my analogy of OBUMMER.

  5. Billy Cooper says:


    • AMEN

    • Billy he is not couragous. They actually overrode him in the decision to take out Bin Laden. Oweblamer is an idiot and the worst President ever. He is the only President in history that all of his speeches are centered around I this I that and he isn't even the one who gave the order and listening to him talk as if he were there shooting him himself. What a POS! He is the kind of guy that will empty and ashtray and make you think he cleaned the whole house.

  6. Jack Kense says:

    Our President probably was just debating the best way to deal with it. How should Obama kill bin Laden? Tomahawk missile maybe? How about MOAB? Eh, just send the SEALS in to double tap the coward.

    So he took some time to make up his mind. Well at least he got the job done, unlike his elephant counterpart.

    • 4th cav says:

      Had Obama preceeded Bush UBL would still be free because BHO banned the techniques that we use to find the freak.

    • you have to be a dumicrat to say that BHO is a fool he makes me sick everytime I see him on the news

      • Jack Kense says:

        President Obama is responsible for killing Osama, just like Osama is responsible for 9/11.

    • There would be no 911 if Clinton would have used one of his 13 opportunities to take bin laden out !

  7. Anita Tonetti says:

    Where's the proof that Bin Laden is dead? Why didn't they cut his head off and prance around showing it off? Why didn't they wrap the rest of his body in pig blood and set it on fire at Ground Zero? I need proof to believe the MAD Dog is dead!!! I don't believe Obama is man enough or gives a damn enough to kill the Rabid Dog called Bin Laden.

  8. jb80538 says:

    1st off, I certainly hope that it wa this mission that killed osama.
    2nd, God help us if obama is re elected!

  9. FedUpTom says:

    A one second delay would have been too long ! What's there to think about (thousands of innocent Americans DEAD on 9/11 because of Bin Laden !) Shoot to kill him,PERIOD.
    Unfortunately Mr.Obama is more concerned with "offending"his muslim buddies than he is about us.
    Frig the GD muslims and lets get busy fixing America.
    Frig Pakistan too (STOP ALL FINANCIAL AID IMMEDIATELY) Then let them explain how & why Bin Laden got there & why they helped hide him ? They don't seem like allies to me(actually they HATE us).
    God Bless America

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha! That cartoon is so funny yet so true! :D Thanks for the laugh, guys! :D

  11. If you want true leadership, VOTE for Donald Trump. He would have been prepared to handle that operation in an expeditious manner. No dithering, no second guessing, and no searching for cover. Trump is a tough guy who has faced many difficult decisions and is accoistomed to pressure. He didn't amass his fortune by being faint of heart.

    • lindsay says:

      Seriously? check out his donations to see who’s friend he really is… He may have good soundbites and can get ppls attention, but its because he has $$ and exposure. But do not say he is a true leader. He is talkin the talk, but certainly hasnt walked the walk. you can tell that by all of his democrat affiliations.

  12. 4th cav says:

    Obama waited 16 hours to call the shots on a scum bag, yet he jumps right in when it is against the American people. Obama Care, Cap and Trade, illegal immigration, money for oil for foreign nations, and so on. I think we could train a monkey to do a better job. Now he won't show the pictures, why? He had no choice but to get UBL, but you have to imagine that if so many people had not known about it he would have passed it up. How bad does a bad President have to get before he is run out of office?

    • I am surprised he didn't apologize for America then offer Bin Laden's family citizenship, welfare, free housing, my job, free healthcare and then they would vote for him in 2012. Hey if you can't win legally why not do it illegally just like he is. He isn't even a citizen. I have no idea how he falsified all his documents not very well might I add. It was probably his daughter with an etch a sketch.

  13. 4th cav says:

    If Obama had been around during the WWII we would have lost waiting for him to be a man. There is a baby in the WH and that is no place for one.

  14. 4th cav says:

    Liberals are a gutless bunch of people. Clinton gave us 911 by not taking UBL out when he was all but handed over, then BHO has to twiddle his fingers for 16 hours. Had it not been for what Bush had put in place Obama would not have had to say dah okay.

    • Finally, someone who remembers how it really happened. We wound up in this jackpot because of Clinton!!! Why is everyone so quick to blame Bush? Oh, I mean the libtards. They all have their heads so far up each others butts they have no idea about what really goes on.

  15. 4th cav says:

    You need more time studying the enemy and what they undestand about fear.

    • Jack Kense says:

      The enemy sees dead bodies every day. They don't need the news for that, they can usually just look out the window. Do you honestly believe that seeing an old man with a hole in his head will really frighten them that much?

      By setting an example we can show that no matter what, we will persevere and stay true to our values and remain Americans.

  16. after the next election ,,,,, we have got to get rid of Eric Holder, I think he is a muslin too…..

  17. Who stole the election in 08 obama or auntie valerie jarrett. I did read aunt and michelle ran the WH and they were the reason rham emanuel left. I live in Alabama and when pres and mrs stopped over she dogged him would not let him get too far away. But whoever is in charge really messed the deal with what is being told. Not to put our guys down but this makes you wonder "if or what" did happen. Is anyone really surprised?

  18. If Barack Obama was a head football coach he would make Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein by comparison.

  19. He is going out on national tv and slandering a former President and Vice President in the same manner of Pete Stark. Hey Chris, remember how you were thinking about running for office in Pennsylvania? They went Republican in 2010. You sound like you are contemplating running for office in Berkeley California.

  20. Angelo Campanella says:

    Ibama to Islam… "They made me do it."

  21. He simply had to wait for soros to call him back with an okay go get him nod, it might be the only way to get re-elected! Did anybody else read the story about oil prices crashing, ergo maybe gas prices will go down,,, seems like obummer is trying to line everything up right so he can get re-elected. Funny how all this is happening at the same time!

  22. Irosin says:

    •I think he would have preferred NOT killing Bin Laden because he knew he would upset HIS MUSLIM TERRORIST BROTHERS but then he thought of how killing Bin Laden could improve his approval rating and it would be a great campaign tool. Obama does not really care about ANYONE but himself.

  23. Those who believe Obama in anything he says or does, are not looking for th truth. They are all in the same gang and anything goes. Many, many people have not a clue who they are voting for. They just punch the party button. So many know just as much about who they are voting for as they know about GOD. What we all need do is study HIS WORD, for the trutth and then look at the candidate and see how he/she campares with the how the "WORD OF GOD" describes HIS people. Then we will be ready with the voting wisdom we need when election time comes around. If we don't do this, when we finally see the truth I am afraid that it may bel be too late.

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  35. If you want true leadership, VOTE for Donald Trump. He would have been prepared to handle that operation in an expeditious manner. No dithering, no second guessing, and no searching for cover. Trump is a tough guy who has faced many difficult decisions and is accoistomed to pressure. He didn't amass his fortune by being faint of heart.
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