Voter Registration: The Next “Voter Suppression”


If the requirement for ID at the polls in Pennsylvania is indeed voter suppression, then so, equally, is the requirement for voter registration in the first place. The requirement to obtain an ID is not the onerous task that some are making it out to be. The plain truth is that anyone who feels an obligation to vote, should do what it takes to ensure the integrity of the system.

Claims that a person would have to actually put themselves out to go to the DMV and get their free ID, or that they wouldn’t be able to get there at all are overstated. The ID is provided at no cost, upon request, at any DMV office in Pennsylvania. There are even several avenues for assit with transportation. Also, everyone seems to disregard the fact that if these people can’t get out to get ID, how do they get out to vote? A trip for ID would only be one more trip out for those who need it.  If a person is truly unable to get out, they would be voting by absentee ballot, and there is no ID requirement to do so.

Copies of birth certificates for ID are readily available at the Vital Statistics Offices. These copies are certified, and sufficient for any purpose that requires a birth certificate.

Many claim that the law only gave residents a month to get their ID before voting began. The law was actually passed in March, giving voters 7 months to obtain ID. DMV records show a surge in ID applications in April and May, from which the logical presumption would be that those who were serious about voting made the effort. Those who chose to await the outcome of the court were taking their own chances, because if the judge had made a different ruling they would have been caught unprepared, by their own choice.

The real truth is this: Most of the people for whom the “Voter Suppression” proponents are claiming disenfranchisement, already possess the requisite ID. The elderly, on fixed incomes had to produce a government ID to get Social Security, or welfare, or any other form of government-provided assistance. They either get checks, which will require government ID to cash, or have direct deposit. Banks (by law, and by IRS regulation) require government ID to open accounts and to manage the accounts. All the same for people who receive government assistance.

On the flip side of the coin, there have been sufficient documented cases of voter fraud to warrant some corrective action on a broad scale. And my answer to the people who say they have never actually experienced voter fraud first-hand is this: Have you ever personally witnessed a murder, or a bank robbery? Does that mean that they don’t happen? Does that mean that we should not enact laws designed to prevent these crimes?

Be serious! Voter fraud exists, and exists on a chronic scale. It is NOT a partisan thing, as the last publicized case of fraud on a large scale was perpetrated by Republicans and an agency directly tied to the Republican Party.

If you get off your various party bandwagons, and recognize this for the problem that it truly is, you should be clamoring for some sort of reform, regardless of your political affiliations. This is a bi-partisan problem, and needs a swift, effective solution. And, get ready, because now that cases of voter fraud are discovered and revealed, ID at the polls will be inevitable.

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:




  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Why doesn’t Obama and his democrap cronies stop cheating elections, like the ignant woman in philly that voted 8 times, if every monkey did that then of course you are going to win. And voter ID should be mandatory, but holdme needs the cheating to win. And now the voting machine company Diebold rigged their voting machines. In 2010 the company settled an SEC fraud suit for $25 million. They also admitted in 2008 that they had overstated 2007 election division revenue by some 300% in hopes of manipulating stock prices. As earlier as 2004, thanks to documents leaked by a whistleblower, it was discovered that Diebold had illegally used uncertified hardware and software in California election systems and planned to lie about it to state investigators. The e-voting systems, repeatedly found over the years to be easily hacked, were decertified for use by the state at the time (though they are still used widely around much of the country today.)

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Voter picture ID must be a reguirement to vote. It would stop a lot of dead people from voting.When the democraps say it will hurt some poor Aunt Jamima type because they can't get to the places where they give you a photo ID free but yettey can come to vote for the black Santa or his elves.

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