Virginia Primary Debacle Could Seriously Hurt the GOP Nominee

Only two candidates are slated to be on the 2012 Virginia Republican presidential primary ballot. The mainstream media is choosing to frame this predicament as evidence of which GOP candidates are running “serious” campaigns and which are not. But this media-driven narrative largely misses the mark.

The real loser in this ordeal is likely to be the eventual GOP presidential nominee.

Given that Virginia voters don’t register by party affiliation, the presidential primary is an important tool for identifying potential Republican general-election voters. With only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the ballot and no way to write in votes, turnout will likely be low, thereby guaranteeing limited new data.

Add in the fact that the Democrats are not running a competitive primary on the other side, and this situation quickly morphs into a serious predicament for the eventual Republican nominee from a general-election organizing perspective.

Unfortunately for the eventual GOP nominee, knocking Obama out of the White House will be next to impossible without winning Virginia, a state he won in 2008.

Prior to this fiasco, Team Obama had signaled its intent to compete in Virginia in 2012. Many observers believe the Obama campaign has the inside track on winning what is projected to be a tightly contested battle for the Commonwealth, since it will undoubtedly have a larger war chest than the GOP nominee’s campaign and will likely need to cover significantly less terrain given the demographics of the….

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