Video:Senate Candidate considering Obama Birth-certificate Lawsuit

By Chelsea Schilling, World Net Daily

A Mexican-born candidate for U.S. Senate said he is considering a lawsuit against the Missouri secretary of state for discrimination because her office forced him to produce a birth certificate but “didn’t make Obama show proof of citizenship” to appear on the ballot.

Hector Maldonado, 38, a self-described “Lincolnian Republican conservative,” is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri. He was born one of 10 children in Durango, Mexico. His father is a migrant field worker who owns a small hog ranch in Perris, Calif.

During the following July 5 interview with Karen Berka of Branson Radio Live posted on YouTube, Maldonado explains why he thinks his rights were violated when the secretary of state’s office asked for proof of U.S. citizenship when he filed to run for the Senate:

Maldonado, a U.S. Army combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, explains on his website that he became a U.S. citizen in 1995. But he said Secretary of State Robin Carnahan sent him a letter in May asking him to produce documentation.

“It said, ‘Hey, you have to prove you’re a citizen.’ I ignored it,” he said. “You know, Obama ignored it, so I figured I could get away with it, too.”

The audience began laughing, applauding…

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  1. I'm sick and tired of hearing George Soros and the union names linked to EVERYTHING! As I've said in the past, we must STOP the George Soros', Andy Sterns', Richard Trumka's of this world, because if we do not they will continue to influence the media and our government with their millions and billions of dollars!

  2. Why is it that Bill Oreilly, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck or any of these will mention obammys BC? Oreilly is chastising one minute and praising him the next and never once mentions the BC nor does Hannity or Glenn Beck. If you are going to fight battle dont do it by pulling punches this only infuriates the people who want know the truth. If you are so much of a coward that you are afraid to bring the truth to the people who deserve to know to the truth and nothing but the whole truth stop pretending to be journalists or whatever you call yourselves and start selling Girl Scout Cookies or shoveling manure out of the whitehouse starting with the obamas. We are sick of hearing only half the truth. Get yourselves a shot of male testerone and stop being abunch of panty waisted cable jockeys. I wish you could have served under George Patton, dont you know you would have been on his hockey list and rightly so. May God bless old George and many more like him without people like those of the breed of real Patriots we could no thave gotten this far. For goodness sake do not disgrace them now.

  3. He has all this and we choose a Kenyan!!!


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