Video: Your Guide To Obama’s Scandal-Filled Week

In a surge of civic pride, Reason TV is happy to offer “West Wing Weak,” a look back at Obama’s past seven days.

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  1. Mutantone says:

    And still everyone is looking at the distractions while the real crime is on going behind the curtain

  2. Obama is the Teflon Man due to the color of his skin. Because he is the historical first (half) black president, he is untouchable and he will slide through all the scandals unscathed. The media worships him in a sick way. He will do 4 more years of serious damage to our economy, liberties and Constitution, not to mention our health care, and we will soon see statues of him everywhere and schools named after him in every inner city. It will all be very disgusting. He is a perfect example of our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT. How's THAT woking out for us? Hey Mr. Obama or whomever you really may be, let's see all those sealed college applications, records and transcipts!

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