Video: This Woman Exposed A Liberal University And Received Death Threats In Return

Mary Willingham, for showing how student athletes at the University of North Carolina are struggling to read, has received death threats…

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  1. Obama has brought Liberals out from under their rocks!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Aren't athelets treated different as long as they can play basketball or football.It's a wonder they can read alone and I'd bet 99% are black.Talk about reading, they get the Heismann Trophy even when they rape girls Right Florida.If Treyvon "Hoodie" Martin was a star football player for the Florida Colleges,Zimmerman would be hanging from a tree instead of getting a trial.

  3. It's not only student atheletes…

    A former 40-ish liberal neighbor of mine graduated from ultra-liberal American University (in Washington DC) with an MBA but didn't understand that someone (in her case her mom) had to pay-off her college loans and credit cards. Less than a year after getting married her husband removed her name from their mutual credit cards. True story.

    P.S.: She's a GS-12 at HHS

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