Video: WND’s Joseph Farah: I Believe Obama Won The Election Through Fraud

On Wednesday, our good friend Joseph Farah appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show to talk about voter fraud.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    I BELIEVE OBAMA WON THE ELECTION THROUGH FRAUD. No shyt Sherlock! Everyone knows that.

  2. Exactly, that is how I feel too. They knew after the elections 2 years ago that people would be out in force to vote against him. After we saw what they have done to Allen West in cheating him out of his race it would certainly be reasonable that the fraud was widespread. Disappointed that Romney has just disappeared he should have demanded a re-count or something. We all knew and understood that it was imperative if the Republicans did not get him out of the White House the very least was to regain the Senate. But, we are suppose to believe that we actually lost more seats there,Total fraud.

  3. Angelicsweep says:

    obama has NEVER actually WON anything in his life through fair and square means. He has always had others manipulating outcomes by ruining people's reputations or through out and out fraud from the moment he entered politics. He has stepped on those who have tried to help him, backstabbed, robbed, ruined and threatened to get his way. Never caring who he ruined or who landed under the bus. If the truth be known, this is the most EVIL being ever to have stepped into the Whitehouse! He has fraudulently aquired the position he is in and is driving this country off the cliff…all this and nothing from the numbnuts in Congress who call themselves republicans. There is ABSOLUTELY NO VALID REASON and I mean NO VALID REASON for the people to take this open corruption and ruination of our country from someone who is ILLEGALLY and FRAUDULENTLY in OUR Whitehouse! There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE good enough to have ALLOWED this to happen and the responsibility is right at the feet of those in Congress of BOTH PARTIES. I, however, put the BLAME square on the head of the republicans who have sat by and WATCHED all this without doing one damn thing to STOP it!

  4. We all know it was fraud.

  5. What does anyone expect from frauds! This man is a BIG fraud!! Everything about him is a fraud!!! The election was stolen!!

  6. What we really NEED to understand is this: when God has an agenda to do something to a country, like spanking that nation or shaking them up or making that nation from seeing there error etc He akways sets up what He wants and the man He wants…He did it w/many Nations…Nebuchadnezzer and many others etc and when that leader is done w/what he is supposed to do, that man got diposed..Obama is being used for what God has Him to do..then obama will have to contend w/God!! Watch it!!

  7. Linda A. From NY says:

    yes I believe too, that obama won through fraud, but also he had a lot of support from the blacks who felt that they needed to support their black messiah. And he had help from the illegals too, many of them voted in counties where no ID was required, this is voter fraud.

  8. I was sick to my stomach and thought I was going to throw up when I was watching the election and they said Obama won. I was so sure Romney had it for so many reasons. He won in all 3 debates, he had more donations than Obama at one point for sure and in most of the polls they were saying it looked like a sure win for Romney. After seeing the Ohio results in so many Precincts, there was no doubt about fraud, and it wasn't the only state. All I can say at this time, Obama may be feeling like a winner as well as his administration, but, I believe God did have a hand in this. Our nation better get on their knees and seek God's forgiveness for all the corruptness and breakdown in our Christian morals and values. He does punish nations for disobeying His Commands, and the wrath of God is nothing anyone would want to experience.

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