Video: WND’s Joseph Farah: Hawaii Found To Be A Bogus Birth-Certificate Factory

Our good friend Joseph Farah, editor-in-chief of WND (and a co-founder of Western Journalism) spoke to Alex Jones the other day about ForgeryGate.

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  1. Steve Sideleau says:

    I served this country first as a US Marine, DAV, Viet-Vet and as a police officer most of my life. I remembered being sworn in a few times to uphold the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic as did millions of others. Personally, tampering with the Contitution is basically treason. I am literally sick to my stomach about the evil that is residing in elected and non-elected posts in our country. As someone smarter than Me said,” we live in a country founded by Geniuses directed by God and now run by morons, thieves, liars and evil.” Their overall behavior sends the message to our children that what we God-fearing people call sins are ok and that there is no punishment or accounting. I believe that we have more than enough laws on most things and enforcement and accoutability are what is truly needed starting at where the buck stops and that is the top. The moron at the top has destroyed the finances of this country, that has to be treason as well as many other things him and his cronies have pulled off. I demand as the rest of us good citizens should that these high crimes and misdemeanors be brought forth in our courts immediately starting with the issue of a birth certificate. I cannot get a passport without producing one and how does a person who appears to be born in Kenya , who allegedly is using someone from Connecticutt’s social security number get elected and in charge of all our conventional and nucleur secrets?

    As far as any tampering with our second amendments by the hands of his brown shirts like Reid or Diane Feinstien or the dictator of New York , Michael Bloomberg goes I will not tolerate this attack at all. I have the right to ignore any unconstitutional laws by any means necessary and if that gets me on their list than so be it. We have this foreign entity the United Nut House on the Hudson trying to issue orders to America, a sovereign country and one that saved the world not once but twice. They have no right God given or otherwise tellings Americans anything and anyone who goes along with them is also guilty of treason.

    The congress is supposed to be one of the checks and balances against a renegade president and I see only a few doing that. The rest need to be told by us citizens. We all need to notify them that they straighten up and do what we the people want or get ready to get impeached as well. I am sick of being one of the few who actually writes letters to them. It is past the time when we all need to roll up our sleeves and save our own country before these treasonous morons finish destroying it!! Come on all you real Americans stand up and be counted! It is also time for legal civil disobedience and to really stop monies from going to people and businesses against us, especially to people like George “the foreigner” Soros. He allegedly owns Progressive ins. Lets find out what all the these anti-Americans own and stop dealing with them. Whether they be anti-2nd amendment or just plain supporters of the absolute worst president this country ever had the misfortune of getting stuck with. The story that a company that George Soros owns and is a company from Spain counted the presidential votes just fries my brain. Are you friggin kidding me? No one else finds or sees fault with that?? Come on people!!!!!!!

    Wake up! Start our non-stop, full blown Battle of the Bulge and Battle of IWO Jima on these issues right frighten now!!!!!!!!

    Steve Sideleau

    Semper Fi !!!!!

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