WND’s Jerome Corsi: U.S. Military Purge Revealed

New York Times best-selling author and World Net Daily staff writer Jerome Corsi breaks down the Obama administration’s purge of top military officials.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama wants war. obama is chopping our military down to a shadow of what is required. Defense spending is being cut to dangerous levels. Taking our nuclear systems off alert was an early move to cripple us. Reductions in force and unilateral disarmament further prevent us from achieving basic self-defense. Serial moves to encourage enemies, retreat in Iraq, mismanagement in Afghanistan, and impotence elsewhere leave us in a horrendous situation. Our military is now smaller that before WWII!!
    obama’s vision therefore aligns nicely with the global communist conspiracy and global Islamic ambitions, with the masses under total control of world government, treated like a herd of cattle. And to achieve it, he must destroy the most successful nation the world has ever known simply because America stands in the way. The only outstanding question for us then is: are we going to let him enslave us, and the world? 

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