Video: Wisconsin Town Board Outlaws “Impeach Obama” Overpass Protests

Pompous, self-important cadres of the Campbell, Wisconsin Town Board pass ordinances repealing the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights for Impeach Obama Overpass Protests. These public protectors prioritize the absolute safety of the community higher than freedom of speech. Collective public safety is one of the best excuses to deny citizens their individual rights. In spite of their several preemptive denials, one suspects that politics is indeed an overriding factor here.

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  1. Robert Blomberg says:

    Unconstitutional bums; they should be ashamed of themselves. People should do it anyway and dare these Nazis to do something about it.

  2. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Why are Yankees the biggest control freaks on Earth???

    • Kennible Lecter says:

      I was born a Yankee… but I'm a true southern boy at heart. It's not about where they are from, or the color of their skin, it's about ideology. The left always thinks they know better. Always. Don't you have that annoying-ass sister-in-law who's always in everybody's business? You know the one I'm talking about. Every family has one…. AND THEY ARE ALL LIBERALS.

      Make them pay for their ways in a way that's the most painful to these people – Ignore them.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hey Sic,
      give us some of us yankee girls a break, I am a Yankee but I am an American Patriot First, and just like you I would love to see Obama Remove and arrested for Treason along with a few others from this corrupt administration and just like you I want my Country Back from this Nazi regime. I pray for that day that we could take our Country back.

      May God Still Bless America

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda you know even though I wsa born in NY I always thought the south was the best places to live.Now I'm here I know that real southerners can't stand OBlackie the only ones are the transplants the south should have vetted these liberals before they sold them land.Slavery wasn't the only issue for the civil war states rights were involved.In all the history books I read not once dis I read where after Abe freed them not 1 got on a boat to go back to Africa and Liberia was welcoming them to come home.

  3. Kyle Brooks says:

    These people make me sick!! Safety was NEVER an issue, but they hide behind that belief. Pat Post should be jailed!

  4. How dumb can this liberal town board be . It is obvious this board is made up of liberals who are trying to get around the First Amendment rights of the protester . With their logic construction worker on the same overpass would be impeding traffic . So would outlaw the construction workers ?

    • Linda From NY says:

      I would not be surprise if they are on Obama hip pocket, Obama got a lot of people in his pocket brought and paid for with our tax dollars and he got the media too.

  5. Robert A Kaufman says:

    Take the vote up anyway!!! Demand That The Supreme Court order him to be Locked up!!!

  6. Linda From NY says:

    These people on this board especially the fat man with the red shirt are doing Obama's bidding, at first I try to give them the benefit of the doubt when they spoke of car accidents because of the signs. But then I notice that they seem eager to convict these protesters. The police officer looked to me that he wanted the protester to be fined. All of these people are protecting and finding excuses for taking away our freedom of speech on behalf of this illegal muslim in our white house.

    One day soon enough these same people will realized that they have been dupe by this dictator, oh how foolish these people are, if they were smart they would side with the Patriots.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    People should protest with more people holding up signs and then vote these people out of office.

  8. And just like that, in the name of 'public safety', your rights are trampled upon. I wonder what other rights they can mangle in the name of safety?
    Naturally, none of these phonies have an axe to grind with conservatives, Republicans, or Tea Party members. Naturally.

  9. proudwhite says:

    Who is this LIBERAL "cop"? And WHY do they ALLOW people to drive a car/truck…to listen to a RADIO? Talk to someone in the car/truck? Advertisements along side the road? Those are DISTRACTIONS. Stinkin liberals.

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