Video: Will Obama’s EPA Ban Ammo?

They have been petitioned before and will be again!

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The attack on lead ammunition has been going on for decades.
    Back in the 1990's there was an attack on lead rounds used for target practice and/or hunting. They did win some of the fights like using lead shot in hunting. Steel shot must now be used in some areas.
    We've been fighting them for decades but it's getting hard to get a win.
    We need new blood injected into this fight. We either keep fighting or sit back and watch our freedoms end.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      What hurts Seeks is that with this Bozo in the White House he doesn't care about rights all he thinks of is that he is king and what he says is Gospel.Itseems that the burrhead gets his way or the IRS comes after you along with that fudge packer Holder.If Obobo gets his way it will be better for the drug cartels to become lead cartels.

  2. cmon americans, we need some enterprising american buisness to take up the slack in firearms and ammo production .. there obviously is a market for guns and ammo ..lets fill the orders !! we can overwhelm the dictator in the white house if we cant vote his a– out because minoritys have their heads in the sand.. americans have allways prevailed in situations like this and we will again …

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