Video: Will Obama Take Away Our Access To The Internet?

I think so, probably within the next five or six months if not sooner.

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  1. Just as Gore "invented" the internet, the gov't will take it away? That's gonna be a TALL order, as so much of the internet, computing, is private & a lot of it is not in USA or "location known". Now, I DON'T have any figures or numbers, this is just MY observations, but it sure seems that since the FBI, CIA, police & etc. have such a hard time catching up ti internet criminals & keeping up with technology, HOW are any "government bureaucracies" going to shut down the internet or access, just by the sheer definition of bureaucrat, time, etc. Privateers & entrepreneurs will stay ahead of these guys. It may end up costing us or relearning how to access, but I don't think the "our government" can even come close to staying up with the internet/online guys….

  2. Puddentain says:

    That would be the last straw. I'm pretty sure even the liberals would disapprove of that. Personally, I don't think Obama has as much control over the military as he would like to think he has. The military is the key to EVERYTHING because once a group of Generals and Admirals all agree that the United States is in distress or under threat,,,the Executive Branch would mean absolutely NOTHING….I'm pretty sure top military officials are aware there is something weird about this administration because both Generals and Admirals have been moved around and relieved of command because of certain events…..Remember,,,THEY are AMERICANS and that still means something even amid this administrations rule:

  3. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Who's talkin' in the video?

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole is trying to turn us into a commie country,he will be like Chavez only things supporting the big eared burrhead will be able to be sent.bottom line he wants to be king.

  5. Where is the evidence that our gov't will do this? I don't see that happening, sorry. the Potus isn't even talking about internet inaccessibility. He is talking about restricting guns but not the internet.

    • There have already been several attempts to restrict our internet usage, under the pretext of trying to stop internet pirating and internet fraud. But the affect would still be a limiting of our internet freedoms. Research SOPA and CISPA and see what you find. After enacting laws to limit us, it's just a step further to deny us the internet completely.

    • Everyone please watch this video – http:/ – you will see the events over the past 40 years that have been in the making with the founding blocks of Karl Marks up to and connecting the dots to Obama. This is really a must see and should be shared with family-friends-church groups-schools and community at a local town theater.

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