Video: Why So Many Failed To Predict The Reelection Of Obama

Many pollsters predicted a Romney win, but were proven wrong on Election Day 2012. Did pollsters fail to account for cellphone users, or did Romney fail at turning out the GOP vote? Did voter fraud play a role? Find out as Michael Barone analyzes the results of the 2012 election with Glenn Reynolds.

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  1. Olin Poole says:

    Voter Fraud won Obama and Democrats the election. Over 70,000 instances. Voter intimidation; voter scare tactics. Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio had big time fraud. Illegals voted. Clean up elections or quit having campaigning.

  2. No. Just…no. What Barone said runs completely contrary to both what was said and what was written about voter turn out and enthusiasm. That is not at all what I was hearing and reading before election day. All the indicators were pointing to a Romney win, from what I could see. Otherwise, why were so many people surprised/shocked by the sudden shift in votes at the last minute? I'm sorry, Mike. I'm just not buying it. It just boggles my mind that someone can look so bad before the election and still win. How a man's numbers could be so low and still win. Sorry, Mike. The math just doesn't add up.

  3. Puddentain says:

    Personally, I believe the reason Obama left the country recently was to wait until things cool down. The media almost immediately dropped reporting the issue of voter fraud and focused almost solely on Benghazi. Perhaps Allen West really won too but in order to eliminate the topic of voter fraud they had to remove the one threat that could have prompted investigations into other potential fraud…..So Obama simply catches a plane to some Asian countries,,,hands out some money and gets his picture taken with his arm around some poor people and Abra Cadabra nobody is thinking about voter fraud anymore. I would also submit they are trying to shape the Benghazi fraud so that NOBODY takes any blame. Obama will make Rice Secretary of State just to thumb his nose at Republicans……………..I really liked the idea of the Southern States seceding to form a Independent and United Conservative Nation……That would end EVERYBODYS discontent….But the libs now they can't rely on themselves to take care of their entitlement crowd.

  4. barbaratracie says:

    when you talk about all the Fema camps to imprision americans, and gas chambers and think all the enemies of God arent here you better wake up they plan on wipeing us out and taking our guns away is next

  5. so, what is the plan to reclaim the stolen election????

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