Video: Who Is Watching Your Tax Dollars?

Greta Van Susteren covers the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform hearing, which examined the vacancies in the Inspectors General community within the federal government.

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  1. The federal government has it just the way they want it to be. Illegal mexican's can claim children not even living here in the United States, and bankrupt us all. While if our legal American's ask for help because they are poor or disabled, they say they are asking for entitlements. Just want a free ride. This is one branch of the government we can do without.

  2. The Socialists are watching our tax dollars as they want it to distribute among themselves and people who for what ever reason won't/ can't work.

  3. Impeach Obama he is a Fraud, a person who does not tell the truth, one who spends,our money like it was his and hemhadmjust won the lottery, he hates America and Americans, he is a socialist/communist a person who has no respect for our military, our flag Nothing Pertaining to America. IMPEACH Him NOW, along with his Dirty Minions.

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