Video: White House Refuses To Condemn Morsi’s Power Grab

Jay Carney was asked about President Morsi’s power grab:

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Yes and to bad they didn't keep their noses out of Mumbarks Eygpt.They talk about democracy when when our Sambo is trying to take ours away.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Where are our protests against a dictator that's taking us down the wrong road? Maybe we should take a lesson from those in Egypt and rally to throw out our dictator.

    • Exactly! thats what the doctor ordered. . It is also our duty to reove or replace an out of control government. when Americas government decides to dictate to the people,they have gone to far. They consider us their subjects and they our masters.

  3. Hallie Lewis Roberts says:

    Obama is flat ruining this country. He got re-elected by massive voter fraud, especially in the battleground states. He's taking over by hook or crook. He didn't win the election fair and square. The Democrats stole the election. He plans to be a total, absolute dictator. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! You think he is corrupt now? Just wait until he has us ALL under his thumb! He is taking away all our freedoms. He decides who he wants in government, and then his goons arrange it by voter registration fraud and voter fraud. Dead people, illegal aliens, imaginary people, and repetitive voters all got Obama re-elected. We no longer live in a free country when voter fraud elects our government. All of our freedoms will soon be gone. Not only that but Obama is not even eligible to be president, never was, never will be! He is not a natural born citizen like our Constitution requires.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Hallie,
      you are correct in everything you said about voter fraud, but also obama got a lot votes from ill informed people useful idiots, looking for a handout and he also got alot of votes from the blacks. Why? I don't know, why because obama hasn't done anything for them as far as jobs and education, only welfare and free phones and the fact that he is black.

      Goes to show how stupid the black community is, they voted for more poverty in their lives. Wait until obama throws all of these idiots under the bus, then they will realize what a mistake they made.

      • Peaver Bogart says:

        You're right Linda. Just look at some of the youtube videos like the big black woman ranting on and on about her obamaphone.

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          Hi Peaver,
          I saw that video of that big black ugly woman ranting about her obamaphone, and I saw another video right hear at Floyds of black men standing on line in from of the welfare building waiting for the doors to open and they were shouting I want my obamaBucks. What a bunch of losers these people are.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Linda do you want to hear a good one,My son who is 48 and legally blind and his wife who has cancer live on ss disability had one of these Obutthole phones.They came and took it away saying that they made to much on there disability.Pissed me off when I seen that baboon talking about having 4 or another coon saying she had 1 and her 2yr old had one because she needed backup.

          • Yes and when they were bailing out the home owners in the rear for their mortgage payments,I began to ask my friends how much help they got? They all told me nothing. The reason claimed was that they make too much money and they did not qualify for food stamps either for the same reason.
            They all told me they made to qualifications so tight almost no one got help. Did I mention all the friends I aske were white?

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            So were a couple of our friends

      • The real culprits were those pretending to support gary johnson. Splitting the vote just as they knew it would Factor in those votes and romney wins. There were rumors that johnsons people had direct ties to the obama campaign, Give this guy a few million and he gets enough of the vote obama wins. And thats exactly what happened.

  4. Peaver Bogart says:

    Why won't our Congress do something about obama stealing the election with voter fraud? Unless they are all in it with him.

  5. Obama wants to do the same thing. He is just watching what will happen. HE MUST REMEBER WE HAVE GUNS AND WILL NEVER GIVE THEM UP.

  6. The answer is simple . Back room deals made with the MBH. They have the authority provided by uncle obama to be the leaders of the world wide caliphate. So as long as there are MBH leaders involved they shall rul the day no matter the country.

  7. Oh geez. What did anyone really expect with one of those murdering peices of feces in our office anway? When we have a filthy, diseased, twisted, sick, son of a whore in the middle of our own “government”, and at the top, what the HELL did we expect, other than FULL SUPPORT FOR HIS SLIMEY BASTARD BROTHERHOOD? Back in 2007, when that name, Barack HUSSEIN Obama was first heard, especially right after Sepember 11, 2001, this was when this country, Americans, should have raised hell so loudly and said NO NO NO NO MU SLIME FOR ANY OFFICE IN THIS COUNTRY EVER……….this was when we lost our chance to stop this HORROR BEFORE IT BEGAN! Talk about an AMERICAN HORROR STORY! We don’t need to watch the show by that name, WE ARE LIVING IT IN TECHNICOLOR! Live and UNCUT! UNPLUGGED! White House “refuses”? DUH! And little four eyes buttwipe, Carney, does anyone expect his pansy ass to say boo to the BABOON IN OFFICE???

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