Video: White House Dodges Question On Green Energy Failures

Jay Carney dodges an honest question from a reporter regarding green energy failures Solyndra and Fisker…

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    After a while you get tired of listening to this white monkey stick up for this muslim president.I know it's his job to wipe Obuttholes ass but He is just to much for me to listen to.Especialy on green energy when the half black bugger flies all over our country and world with no concern what so ever the fuel he is using.He should sequester himself and take a 3 year furlough.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Just think how energy independent America would had been had this failure not rescinded the exploration/drilling permits that had been approved before he stole our W.H.
      Price of fuel would be down to $1.50/gal. That's around $.040 less than the $1.90/gal it was when he FIRST STOLE office.
      Remember price of fuel has raised over 200% from when Bush was in office.

  2. Mutantone says:

    How about we search to see how much of the money was sent back to Obama's reelection campaign or those of other democrats?

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