Video: Where Is The Hurricane Sandy Aid? NY Residents Speak Out!

I have no sympathy for these morons. Shame on them for depending on government to help them in the first place. I might sound harsh, but I am not sorry at all.

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  1. disgusted says:

    Where is the help? Go ask Fat Boy Christy, or better yet, go ask the “One” that you idiots voted into office again! Don’t ask me, or those like myself who knew, know, a liar when we see and hear one! Looks to me like Fat Boy is eating just fine, and has no housing problem. And your “One”seems to be doing great, by the way. Playing golf, going on a vacation or two, and eating high off the hog, so to speak. You people there in the affected region, well, you got what you wanted, you got your “igger president”, and he is the “one” who promised help, all the “help that you need”, according to him, you were supposed to be given all that you needed, because “nothing is more important”…………..soooo, if you have troubles aplenty, you need to go abegging aplenty and see where your “Chosen One” is right now, and what is he doing to make good his promise of “help”. Oh, he is helping alright, helping himself to everything he wants and then some, and we with the brains and intelligence enough to know a lying son of a whore, a lying purple lipped mu SLIME when we see and hear one, WE KNOW the TRUTH! And that TRUTH is that your “ONE” DOES NOT GIVE A RAT”S ASS IF YOU ALL STARVE OR FREEZE TO DEATH! All he wanted from you dimbulbs was your votes, and like the idiots that you truly are, YOU GAVE THEM TO HIM LIKE THE FOOLS THAT YOU ARE! Four years of lies and broken promises were apparently not enough to enlighten you as to the LIAR that he is and always was, and will ALWAYS BE, no, you ASKED FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE SAME AND WORSE! You got worse, and it is even WORSE NOW, because OF THE HURRICANE AND THE SAME LIES SPOKEN BY THE SAME LIAR WHO LIED TO YOU REPEATEDLY OVER THE FIRST FOUR YEARS AND IS NOW PAYING YOU FOR YOUR STUPIDITY! I bet he laughs his ass off when he hears your pleading, and thinks of how EASY YOU ARE! As for any help from myself, and those who deeply resent what you did, don’t look at us for help, we are having our own problems, BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ELECTED INTO OFFICE AGAIN! Help yourselves if you really want help, because you are on your own this time!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    How nice it would be if the fingers and toes of the victims of Sandy are as blue as their state is.
    Would be poetic justice!

  3. Take care of yourselves,the GOVENMENT is not going to help. We the other people are trying to help you, but the GOVERNMENT won't let us in.

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