Video: Where Is Darrell Issa?

Where is the brave California Congressman during this Benghazi-gate investigation?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I also have wondered what happened to Issa and his investigation into Fast & Furious run by those 2 muslims Holder & Oblameo.He hit a deadend when Obutthole claimed executive priviledge to protect this coon.This jungle bunny we have for a president is made of teflon nothing sticks to him,he does as he pleases and if someone aks questions James"Codeword" Clyburn brands them racists.

  2. He want it to go under the rug nothing will be done as long as Ovmit is in the white house they will let him do what he wants It is going to be us to put are foot down and say we have had it and clean house Because both Republicans and the Demacraps are one party they want are money and they want power over everything we do We will have to be the ones to stop them

  3. What about turning Obama and Holder over to the mexican authorities…God knows they are respnsible for the murder of thousands of Mexicans…

  4. A damn good question.

  5. Peaver Bogart says:

    Gabe always has good questions. I think along the same lines and I write my Congressmen about three or four times a week. But my two Senators are both liberals. So you know how far that gets me. Maybe on obozo's hit list.

  6. The Republicans have no one with the courage, character and intelect to defeat the Dems on any issue and still look smart. They lost Fast and Furious, will lose Bengahzi and will lose to O on the cliff. O won the election. They should just roll now and let O have everything he wants and let the Dems take the hit when all falls apart. They will not get re-elected but we don't need losers like them anyhow. Doesn't look like it will get better before it gets worse, let's get it on.

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