Video: “What Difference Does It Make?” – Aka “The Hillary Shuffle”

More buzz- and tweet-worthy words Hillary Clinton has never spoken. In her Benghazi testimony to the Senate, she defiantly asked, “What difference does it make?” if the truth behind the attack is ever known.

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  1. This women and everyone else involved in this, including bho should be jailed until such time that they tell the truth. Same goes for Holder, geithner, rangel, pelosi, reid etc…
    How dare anyone confront her higness? Don't they know she has already been selected as the next president.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      howler what hurts is the stupid Americans who think this old bitch is wonderful will vote for her.To bad it wasn't a real blood clot.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hitlary and Obutthole did the same thing that Slick Willy did to our boys in Mogadishu left them to die.Then when the caskets came home they were at Dover pretending they cared.Hitlary even tried to conjuor up some tears that phony old hag.Had that been her daughter Chelsea E Neuman she would have torn Obuttholes balls off for not sending help but it was someone elses child.

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