Video: Were Saudis Behind Benghazi Attack?

The hacker known as Guccifer first came to prominence in February after breaching the AOL email account of Dorothy Bush Koch, the sister of George W. Bush. Guccifer released photos of Bush’s amateurish oil paintings and details regarding the ailing elder Bush. The mainstream media idiotically focused on Bush’s prowess as an artist rather than the fact that the public was being offered a glimpse into the secret world of the elite that pull the levers in American society and the world.

Guccifer’s real treasure, however, came in the form of a series of emails hacked from the AOL account of former Bill Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The emails are significant because there is one dated September 12, 2012, which of course was the day after the attack on the Benghazi consulate. Blumenthal cites a number of what can only be called spies throughout the world in order to supply Clinton with a clear picture of current events.

Some jaw-dropping revelations are revealed in the September 12 email, involving the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA.

First, on the day of the attack on the Benghazi consulate, Libyan President  Mohammed Yussef el Magariaf summoned his advisors to discuss the attack, among them members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Per the email:

During the afternoon of September 11, 2012 new interim President of Libya Mohammed Yussef el Magariaf spoke in private with senior advisors, including the members of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, to discuss the attacks by demonstrators on U.S. missions in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Second, the attack on the Benghazi consulate was in part due to revenge for the CIA supporting the Qaddafi regime.

Third, when Qaddafi was overthrown, the rebels found a treasure trove of documents linking the CIA to the Qaddafi regime.

Again, continuing with the September 12, 2012 email:

At the same time, this individual noted that several of el Magariaf’s advisors share his concerns in this matter, pointing out that the return of Qaddafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senoussi for trial in Libya has heightened public interest in the liaison relationships conducted by the CIA and British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) with Qaddafi’s intelligence and security services. These same individuals note that they believe Islamist militia forces under the command of General Abdelhakim Belhaj captured files and documents describing this relationship from Qaddafi’s offices in Tripoli.

By February 13, 2013, Blumenthal had discounted the ludicrous “protest turned violent” story regarding the attack on the Benghazi consulate. It was clear according to his sources that it was a terrorist attack by the group Ansar al-Sharia, of which Hillary Clinton early on publicly stated was untrue, despite the al-Qaeda-linked group taking credit for the attack, and despite the fact that this information was sent to the White House Situation Room hours after the attack on the consulate.

According to Blumenthal’s February 16, 2013 email to Clinton, the Benghazi attack was well-planned and well-funded by Saudi billionaires:

The attack…originated with wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia. During July and August 2012 these financiers provided funds to AQIM [Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] contacts in Southern Europe, who in turn passed the money onto AQIM operatives in Mauritania. These funds were eventually provided to Ansar al Sharia and its allied militias in the Benghazi region in support of their attack on the U.S. consulate.

Blumenthal’s email correlates with information revealed in the recently published book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, in which it is reported that the Benghazi attack was in retaliation for the CIA’s secret war—led by John Brennan, now CIA chief— against Ansar al-Sharia and other terrorist groups in North Africa.

The question becomes: if the CIA was backing Qaddafi, why then did NATO, with Obama at the helm, decide to topple the Qaddafi regime? Why is the Obama administration now backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and Egypt? The answer may lie in the fact that Obama is largely aligned with globalists, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal is a global, totalitarian caliphate. Globalists tend to be uber-secularists, eschewing all forms of religion or morality, whereas the Muslim Brotherhood calls for a theocratic police state mandating strict adherence to morality through sharia. But as Jim Marrs points out in his extensively researched book The Rise of the Fourth Reich, the globalists often create artificial conflicts in order to make money and to further their goal of a totalitarian utopia.

Regardless, it is clear from Libyan President Magariaf’s close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama administration decided to switch sides from Qaddafi to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Further, it is no secret that Obama called for the removal of long-time U.S. and Israel ally Egyptian President Hosni Muburak and is now backing Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi. Additionally, the Obama administration has extensive ties with Muslim Brotherhood front groups, including the so-called “outreach” groups CAIR and ISNA, both designated as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist-funding trial—organizations that the Obama administration has admitted to having literally hundreds of meetings with.

Another Blumenthal email from March 13 of this year states that even though the Obama administration knew that Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi had instituted de facto martial law, the U.S. was still planning on providing up to one billion dollars in aid, along with supporting $4.5 billion from the IMF.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that has vowed to destroy the United States, with the stated goal of subsuming the world under the thumb of a global, Islamic totalitarian government.

Why then are Obama and his rogue CIA chief John Brennan backing the Muslim Brotherhood?

A better question might be: Why has Congress not charged Obama and John Brennan with treason?

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  1. Our country is being overrun by Muslims, and the liberals are supporting this. Obama, Clinton, Holder, and the rest of that group are allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. Those who help the Muslim Brotherhood should be killed as it is treason against our country.

    • You are a 100 percrnt correct!! And obama and all of the obama knights need to stand trail for treason and stopping on all of our constituion for which our country stands for.And seeing how they don’t mind killing american troops servents and citizens.The death sentence for treason would be more than fair.If the shoe fits wear it.

  2. Retired Marine says:

    No, Obama was along with Hilarious.

  3. Al Metcalf says:

    In time we will finally be able to paint Obama as he really is. It may take a while but the story will come out and we will know this Benghazi deal was a farce kidnapping gone bad by the unauthorized defense by two exSeal contractors. As a result Stephens was accidently killed and the Hostage for Shiek deal went south.
    The story of the firing of AFriCom and the Carrier Group has been swept under the carpet and has not resurfaced yet. But someone must be looking at that part of the story…..

  4. Boehner ———- where are you???????? More proof for impeachment (or more)

  5. this should be the straw that gets obama, hillary, and the rest of these traitors executed !!!!!!!!!!!, WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK NOW !!!!!

    • DanniePK says:

      Coburn is aiding the antigun democrats and he must be eliminated next election, I have written senator Inhofe andtold him that he must work with Sheriff Arpaio or I would campaign against him next election. I'm waiting for a reply. Jim Bridenstine is our representative for Broken Arrow, I will also E-mail him and tell him the same. I will CAmpaign against them if they don't act.

  6. "Irregardless" is not a word. Excellent article otherwise; thanks! Have to share this.

  7. The article says it all: Charge Obama and Brennen, and maybe Hilary, for acts of treason against the United States.

  8. I can't understand why Impeachment proceedings have not been initiated. Weak Republican leadership, maybe?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      weak leadership is now a norm in this once great party.The igger has broght them to their knees and made them say uncle.

    • DanniePK says:

      The house of Representatives have to write a petition for Impeachment but they are afraid of loosing their jobs if they do this, I'm telling them that if they don't act that I will campaign against them next election, you must do the same. Coburn is joining with the antigun democrats and must go next election , but we cannot put a democrat in there.

    • B L Petttit says:

      Is this correct?. Obama can not be impeached because impeachment is for presidents and Obama is not president. He can not be charged with treason because he is not a citizen. He can be charged with Rico. (Racketeering). He is a foreigner so he can be charged with espionage. He can be charged with his crimes which are many.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    I would believe the Saudis are behind this in they got a friend in Obuthole and that dyke Clinton.Now they have Lurch Kerry.

  10. DanniePK says:

    It's true Obama has commited so many crimes and the elected house and senate members are afraid to start Impeachment procedings they think it would effect their future chances for elected jobs that they would apply for later. I think we should remember the elected members of both houses and eliminate them for refusing to force Obama's hand to show his credentuials or Impeach him. It's true that if Obama would show his credentials he would be put in the federal pin.
    People of the U.S. must write their house menbersand senators and tell them if they don't aid Sheriff Arpaio they will be voted out next election, and mean it. Tjhat's the only way we will get the TRUTH FROM OBAMA. Obama is guilty of TREASON,that's grounds for Imprisonment.

  11. Because they are all in on this together We dont have anyone in are Goverment that wants to go by are laws and are constitioun they dont want to listen to what we have to say all they want is Money and power over all of us we need to realize we have only two partys with one name We will have to fight all of them for are freedom or we will loose are great country and be there prisoners

  12. Ranchman says:

    An even better question would be, why haven't the American people risen up to put a stop to our own madman at the helm? It's about time we took our fate into our own hands, and out of the hands of these globalists. A ten million man march on DC, taking over Capital Hill like they did in Athens, TN would stop this govt from their tyrannical plans.

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