Video: We Got The Guns, Obama…

And we’re gonna keep them!!

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  1. Whens the next GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL COWBOY JOE.You can count me in. IM with you 100 percent. Our Sesond Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Just name the date and time PARDNER

  2. Zita Alfonso says:

    How many scandals the Kenyan committed already?
    1. Abuse of power.
    2. Deceptive birth certificate and saying pile of lies to the American people.
    3. Trying to replace the US Constitution with Shariah Law by his collaboration with the Islamic rulers.
    4. Depriving the Americans the defense (guns) when jihadist will reach upper hand and they wage war against them.
    5. Making MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD the ally of US. Giving billions of dollars to Islamic leadership.
    6. Bankrupting USA by encouraging lazy people to stay more lazy. Over taxing the hard working tax payers.
    7. Rigging the election to continue his desire for more power.
    8. Benghazi-gate = worse of all gates that I believe watergate is just kindergarten
    9. Creating enemy list.
    10. Collaborating with the Islamic lead Leadership which resulted to the death of the Navy Seals when they captured the world's greatest terrorist, Osama Bin Ladin.
    Now it is your turn to arrange them in order. That's your assignment.

    • Zita Alfonso says:

      The worst of all scandals is; he fights God in a daily basis. He fights the Catholic Church by violating the teachings of Jesus and wants everybody to violate God also.

      • Hitler passed law in Germany to remove crosses from all churches and erect the swastica from to WWII.

      • Zita, I watched a video on you tube of Christians just holding signs being stoned and police doing nothing. I'm sure there would of been an uprising in our Government if this was a stoning of a muslim stoning (and im not for stoning any faith) In the bible I read were not suppose to have these problems till the man of Perdition (Antichrist) comes on the scene, then we who are here will die for or beliefs. I am not calling our leader the Antichrist. But i defnitely will say this he has a spirit of antichrist on him.

  3. They are going to vote on repealing Obamacare this Thursday. Please call your representatives, tell them to repeal that crap!!!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Because the Senate is controlled at this time by the Demonrats, even though the House keeps voting to repeal this monstrosity, the Senate won't.
      Our hope lies in 2014 with taking back the Senate.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        I'm with you there,we need to take back the senate if we want to repeal and stop any bull shit the democraps want to pass.Plus it will help getting to the bottom of Benghazi,Fast & Furious,IRS and illegal wire tapping by that jig Holder.

  4. Francesco Cece says:

    I think the gentleman was referring to Abortions and killing babies alive!
    Guns don't kill, stupid people do. Why do stupid people kill. With Obama'nomics of people losing their jobs, more and more crime will be increased.
    People turn to stealing HENCE killing to survive. Instead of taking guns away from people, why don't you figure a way to increase jobs – by applying incentives to BIG AND SMALL companies not over taxing! Why don't you increase production of oil by easing the EPA standards instead of USING TAX PAYERS funds to organizations that feed into the lies of Al Gore and the Liberals on Global Warming! (WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP that is) Production of oil increases job ops, look at North Dakota for an example, where all you politicians refuse to see. It’s all about the power. It’s all about controlling. Government was never meant to play God. Only to govern the constitution and protect the people in its country! Not for ruling, changing, and diminish the constitutional laws and religion that this country was based upon!

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