Video: WATCH: SEAL Ben Smith Drops Koran On Ground

Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith was speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention on January 19th. He called Barack Obama a Communist and a Muslim traitor. He also dropped a Koran on the ground.

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  1. WONDERFUL TO SEE!!! More people need to do that!!!!!

  2. Cheers to Benjamin Smith…..we need more of our arm forces to take a good look at this person in the White House!!!!!!!!! He needs to be ousted, not today or tomorrow, 5 YEARS AGO PEOPLE!!!!!! He never should have been elected. Now it really is time for his impeachment……

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bless Ben Smith for having the courage to speak up against these muslim and our president who is a jahdist himself.He is always trying to destroy the constitution with the help of the demcrap congress.People of America need to wake up to the threat that the muslims have an inside man working for them and his name is Barack Insane Obuma plus Eric Holder his second in command.

  4. I have said it before he was elected the FIRST time, he should be tried and found guilty of murder and imposing himself on the American people as a fraud president, then hung until dead.

  5. What a brave man you are Ben Smith. Thank you for your service and your warning to our country that Obama the muslim is the enemy within.

  6. Linda From NY says:

    This young man Navy Seal speaks the truth about these muslims and communist and what is worst is that these politicians sees nothing wrong with this. Obama has given several muslim brotherhood positions in our government and I have NOT heard NOT one politician get up and say anything in regards to this

    I saw a video on youtube that the plan of these muslims brotherhood is to take over every Country in the world and force people to convert to Islam including America

  7. if a revolution begins, the majority of Americas special forces, past and present, will be on the fighting on the side of patriots. Obama knows this and is why he is getting rid of the best generals and getting tanks in the hands of homeland security idiots and local police forces he feels secure about. These jokers better make sure they win, i doubt there will be much simpathy or mercy for these progressives and communists.

    • @ Lawrence…. Don't worry so much about the cops. Remember that they have non-police family too. Aside from that, very few police departments will go against the people. Chicago, New York, come in California and Colorado may go against the people and if they do, there's always the people who are armed, the vets, the National Guard and other military that are stationed near those places, who will disobey Obama's orders to attack the American people. They too have citizen family. There's a lot of patriotism in America and that's the one thing that Obama cannot defeat no matter what. Believe me, Obama is in fear but he's gutless. He may try – but he'll be defeated in a huge way and the people will overrun Washington and seize him and hang him high – him and many other leftist, unpatriotic members of government including the supreme court, congress, and all of it…. Sure – there will be thousands of citizens who die, but in the end, Obama, the muslims in our country, the leftist policitians will lose and pay the price with their lives. Sometimes, the only way to get through to the other end of the tunnel where there's liberty, hope and prosperity is to blast our way through and I've predicted it would come to this 5 years ago. It's starting to take fruitation, especially since the idiot king thinks he can rule us with a pen. Good luck on that. There's only so much that people will withstand before they strike back like a dog cornered.

      • i exist in Los Angeles currently – you have to worry about the cops here. Los Angeles police exist in name only, you have to worry about them giving you a bad ticket and dont really expect them to be there or on your side if you need them. Most of the people who live here with guns will be the ones looting likely. I am a few years from getting out of here at present. California used to be called the Golden State, it now wreaked but nuts and lunitics – quite a change from what was once a very conservative State. All the city, county and state governments here are sure to be bankrupt soon enough.

    • Sean Nelson says:

      Sir, I agree with you however the cops will run or give up, their families live in our communities and would face retribution for any acts against the citizens. I fear homoland security and the capital police will do their masters bidding and have the firepower to harm hundres of thousands. #1 find out where your national guard armoury is and make note, when the mongrel in DC starts Marshal Law these facilities will need to be hit first and hard by local citizens to “liberate” their automatic weapons and vehicles for our defense. #2 Start putting a battle plan together, you know your area far better than HS does, think about ambushes and delaying tactics utlizing the materials you have at hand. Its comming we all know it, so now is the time to lay the tactical groundwork so you will be ready, waiting and effective. Remember Chief Joseph!

      • In a lot of cases that would be true with the police – i think they have the worst morale of all and usually gang up on those who give them opposition. Homeland security is likely worse in a firefight – almost none would have military training and would be mostly green, In a large city in California its likely they wouldnt have the greatest opposition. That said its pretty clear they want to disarm as many citizens as they can. They really want to get guns away from old school military that really did some fighting for freedom, hince declaring them as nuts due to their prior combat experience!

  8. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    While on the floor, he should of pissedNshit on it, then light it on fire, then wrap meat around it and have a dog eat it. I'll never understand why sand monkeys don't like dogs.
    I just had a drink for every time nigga said I, me, mine, pen, phone, and I am waisted.

  9. Wiseoldlady says:

    About time. We have constantly seen the progressives rant about the white man….but all the white man did was obey the orders from their kings and rulers and presidents. Yet we are condemned. Never the blacks or Jews or MUDSLIMES whom created slavery…not to mention Egypt ….God sent Moses to extinguish that fire. The Muslim demographics on you tube clearly state they plan to take the world not by war but by infiltration. Each male reproducting 8 to 15 kids… Obum sneaking in, as I type, thousands of Syrian Muslims in returning military planes after our military went there on missions. Main stream is not reporting it. I believe obum has already brought in 55,000 of the perverts onto American soil.
    The fact is Islam was invented by the Catholic Church about 600-700 AD because the church wanted a part of jerusalem so contrived a hoax using a female to find a male…marry him…boast about him…turned out to be Mohammed. The catholic trick did not work …hence we now have a nightmare instead of the original Persian culture before the nasty Koran was invented. Just compare the rosary versus the beads, bowing, Virgin Mary, etc …..very similar…. These Muslims worship the sun god …satan.
    Therefore THE PUPPET obum …obeying his orders from rothschilds, ROCKEFELLARS, soros, Bilderbergs, NWO…plus infiltrating I believe 17 Muslims in our government is the enemy. Not to mention the democrats and RINOS which have been bought off or threatened to follow along and they will have a safe haven in the eventual NWO dilution. Dont forget killing off 80% of the population because technology is so advanced there is no longer a need for such large work forces….hence they are making the Islam dream come true. How sickening it all is. The FEMA camps…false alarms…civilian army…this monster obum has created in America will create blood in our streets and death to our great country just like they….the synagogue of satan 1% elites and Muslims have long wanted.
    Eventually obum will stop food stamps and social security checks if he can have his way. Then he'll will break loose. Everyone needs to tell everyone they know exactly what is transpiring .

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