Video: WATCH Sacramento Impeach Obama Overpass Protest

The California Highway Patrol has said they won’t hesitate to kick the demonstrators off the overpass again if officers think the demonstrators are causing a “traffic hazard.”

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  1. Roger Dawg says:

    This bridge overpass deal should have happened
    3 or 4 yrs ago when we knew he wasn’t a U S citizen!

  2. Linda From NY says:

    Once again these officers are following orders that came from the Obama administration and these officers are not honoring the Oath that they took to protect our Constitution.

    I am glad to see these Patriots standing up for speaking the truth about this phony prez, it would be nice to see them put on their signed REMOVE OBAMA, impeach means that Obama is eligible when in FACT the Kenyan is ineligible.

    We all saw what happen to Clinton when he was impeach, NOTHING, Clinton thumb his nose and stayed till the end of his term.

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