Video: Watch Piers Morgan Smacked Down By Bible Scholar

It was not a good night for Piers Morgan’s prepared talking points on Phil Robertson’s controversial statements about homosexuality, as two of his three panelists would not allow him any wiggle room on his false premises and biblical misconceptions.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Marc Hill is just a bigoted nigga who thinks because he is some half assed professor he is smarter then white people.As far as that Limey Morgan goes ship him back to England.

    • You are quite correct………Hill is one of the most truly rabid racists out there. The overwhelming majority of true racists in this country today are black, while the only people in this country who are allowed to be labelled as racists are white…..evryone else gets a total pass!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Fedupvet I'm glad someone finally agrees with me.Another racist is one Williams he could watch Obutthole stab somebody and he would swear the person jumped on the knife.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says: 41000 singed the petition!
    Phil Robertson was expressing his personal, religious beliefs that many millions of Americans happen to share. It is an outrage that you have suspended him from the show, Duck Dynasty, for his religious beliefs regarding marriage and faith (Violating his First Amendment Rights!). We are calling for Phil to be re-instated and for an apology to be issued to him immediately. I will watch the show from now on, only if you bring Paul back. AND you fags and lesbos ARE disgusting. I am surprised he didn't ask you faggots, what it feels like when you suck and pull on a cock with your mouth, until cum gushes into your mouth and you gag while your gay buddy is holding your head on his cock.

  3. MELINDA R. COUCH says:

    Tired of god being eliminated from government, and now from our military personnel.

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