Video: WATCH: Obama Donor Investigating IRS Scandal

A scandal within a scandal as major Obama donor Barbara Bosserman is the lead investigator in the IRS-Targeting scandal. Judge Jeanine Pirro talks with Jordan Sekulow about how the investigation is just beginning after 7 months of waiting.

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  1. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Like this witch wasn't going to help Obutthole.I'm wondering if they the congress can do anything or will they just do what they usually do lay down for Sambo and his crew.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    So the nigga duo wants the IRS to make new regulations not seen through nigga eyes as impartial. Carney would have Americans believe it was just a coincidence that 8 in 10 organizations targeted in one IRS investigation were either conservative in nature or expressed opposition to Obama. It is obvious Democrats do not want to find the truth as it relates to any of obama’s scandals. The cover-up, as in all obama’s scandals, is now beginning to overshadow the original malfeasance. We have seen Holder protect the outright bias of the IRS against conservative groups, which will never be corrected, thus giving strong support for disabolishing the entire $13 billion department with a fair tax that would only take 10 minutes to fill out. WE NEED TO REVOLT FOR AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION (instead of this bosserman crony) INTO THESE NEW REGULATIONS BY NOT PAYING TAXES until we get rid of the biased scum! THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JAIL CELLS TO HOLD 100 MILLION PROTESTING AMERICANS!!!

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