Video: WATCH Muslim Al Qaeda Leader In Syria Photographed Inside A US Aid Tent

Glenn Beck shows a photo of an Islamic Al Qaeda leader fighting inside Syria against secular forces. Beck pulled out this photo that seems to show Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham, a leader of an Al-Queda linked group, inside a USAID tent.

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  1. Stop all foreign aid NOW!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Glen can show all the pictures he wants but people like McCain, Obutthole and Grahamnesty still want to supply the rebel terrorists.Must be there is a way to make a buck that is why they're pushing to arm the rebels.

  3. What do we expect with a Muslim running our country facilitating Islam in the U.S. The voters are too stupid to see and understand the evil that is going on here in our country.Muslims here and I guess now the Al-Caida now gets AID from the American taxpayers and the citizens gets less and less except the Demoncrat voter base,they get everything from food stamps to housing and cash

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    We are wrong to send military into harms way not for US interests, but we support al Qaeda and Jihadists and other criminals funded by Saudi arabia, as this picture shows.
    We are al Qaeda (via our military). Saudi arabia is our real enemy and Obama bows to them because of his alliance. The mall incident is the Saudis backing al Qaeda (to kill poor Christians in the mall) joined by Obama backing al Qaeda. Obama is in the process of funding al Qaeda threw out northern africa from Egypt and Libya were we provided weapons now being sent to Syria and ambassador Stevens (before he was an ambassador) was in the center and Benghazi is still a lie. This is why Obama won’t tell us what he was doing that night when the 4 died without bringing military to save them.
    This new world order crowd thinks they can create international structures and international finance and push everyone around on lies of al Qaeda when in fact, we are al Qaeda (via our military), the Saudis are al Qaeda and people have got to get that point threw their heads.
    Treason is treason and Obama should be hung!!!

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