Video: WATCH Music Video/Tribute “The Benghazi Four”

Here is a great song and music video produced to honor Ambassador Christopher Smith, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

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  1. That is GREAT and I have passed it on to several others and asked them to also pass this on to their friends

  2. The song is so true all but 911 a steel structure does not burn down like 911

  3. I am just speechless. I hadn't seen that picture before. Barbarians, and I don't just mean the muslims!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This was a compeling video and it should be shown on you tube and network TV stations. so the public can undestand just how bad Obutthole aqnd Bags Hitlary Clinton are.I'd like to send this out but how do you do it.

    • I am not a computer wizard, so bear with me……(this is for a MacBook Pro)
      1) With your cursor, click on the http area where the title is until the entire line is shaded.
      2) Click on Edit, then on Copy from the edit menu.
      3) I then go back to my mail page and click "new message".
      4) You can then click Edit again, put your cursor in the body of the page, click on paste from the edit menu.
      5) Fill in the addresses and subject; Hit send. I often send it to myself first to make sure my efforts "took".
      Hope this helps.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    What type of monsters are ObHitler and Hitlery to lie (about a video) to the face of parents whose sons died for this country. The parents deserve answers after 17 months, they are just trying to get closure with their dead sons, AND AMERICA NEEDS TO DEMAND JUSTICE. AND what type of monsters are the democraps that walked out on the family members trying to describing their pain to congress, they deserve to be heard, but they were abused by ObHitler, Hitlery, democraps, and the MSM! They should of shown some type of respect for fallen heros! BUT, the only response ever given is the excuse of “we can not tell you anything, because of an ongoing FBI investigation.” It will be ongoing until he leaves office replaced by Hitlery! What happened in Benghazi was an attack on a U.S. Embassy (American soil), AN ACT OF WAR! Americans demand justice and Obama spits in the faces of the hero’s families! America and the world will be a better place without ARMING muslims, AND DISARMING AMERICANS!… is now on my desktop!

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