Video: WATCH “Knockout Game” Victim Turns The Tables!

Some years ago, America learned of the popularity of the “Knockout Game.” Black teens either sucker punch or taze a white male (or female), a clean knockout scoring one point for the perp. Since that time, I’ve searched the web–the national media has ignored news of the Game for obvious reasons–hoping to find the story of a black thug who happened to choose the wrong victim. That story has finally appeared!

In Lansing, Michigan, black teen Marvel Weaver decided to taze a white father who was waiting at a school bus stop for his 6 year old daughter. The taser malfunctioned, and the father shot Weaver twice with a .40 caliber concealed pistol for which he has a CC license.

Weaver survived the shooting and will now spend the next year in jail.

Weaver admitted to “…previously knocking out six or seven people on other days before targeting the man who shot him.” This time, the gutless little thug picked on the wrong guy.

Consider this a “good news” story of the day.

Here’s hoping more news of this sort will serve to warn other thugs that their actions must sooner or later have unpleasant consequences.

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