Video: WATCH: Impeach-Obama Overpass Protesters Bullied

Police do sometimes try to bully/intimidate. To make them stop, it may be necessary to call their bluff…

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  1. I wonder why it's always the CHP or other highway patrol agents.

  2. Very true statement. "If we were protesting FOR 0bama, the CHP wouldn't be there"

  3. Annoying2013 says:

    This Cop must be a Democrat and voted for 'Obama"!

  4. This cop is an id-10-t. People ARE distracted every day by billboards and traffic signs. If this needs to be taken down then EVERY OTHER SIGN, including traffic signs, need to be removed. Police need to be liable for their unlawful actions!!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Whenever you go after Obutthole, some government or state agency will come after you. Remember he has his muslim buddy Holder ready to attack you.

  6. Texas Tilly says:

    This guy says "I don't want conflict"….another guy is wearing a shirt that says, "I will not comply"…..if you're gonna talk the talk, then walk the walk. I notice it is the WOMEN that stand firm. The guys are wimps. Man up! Or let the women take over.

  7. Ozark Man says:

    That was a poor judgment call by the cop. He knows he had no authority to stop the protest or he could have quoted the law. Should have stood their ground and called his bluff. The upper echelon would probably have told him to leave the protestors alone because they were not violating any law. Libtard cop.

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