Video: WATCH Cops Harass Man Just For Carrying A Gun

Watch a peaceful open-carry gun advocate’s confrontation with Grand Rapids, MI Police that sparked a lawsuit

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  1. You know what's alarming? PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!!!

  2. R0bert Miller says:

    Most cops favor the open carry laws. This dude needs an attitude adjustment by his superiors!

  3. There are currently 11million illegal aliens in the united states! GO SOME THING MEANINGFUL, IDIOTS!!!

  4. independant voter says:

    yes sir what can I do for you….I have a right to carry this weapon ….am I under arrest …am I free to go…I refuse to be intimidated and past identifying myself I have nothing further to say until represented by a Lawyer in a court of law…
    Why do people even bother to argue with dumbasses if you have a legal right thats the end of it…

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Are these the Keystone cops that Grand Rapids Mi.hired that don't know the law.This man should be able to sue the nincompoops and they should go after the caller.

  6. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Statistically, police should be more concerned of a muslim walking down the street than a citizen openly carrying.
    So if some can be so scared of a person LEGALLY carrying a firearm to call the police, does this mean I can call the police if I see a muslim?
    We are told not to judge a religion because of a few crazies but we ARE to judge firearm owners because of a few crazies.
    Make sure you call the police before you do anything legal to get permission. That's what these cops seem to believe.
    If your neighborhood doesn't have people following the law and openly carrying, do your patriotic duty and get your neighbors accustomed to this sight.
    That way hopefully calls like this stop.

  7. American329 says:

    There’s so many rights being violated in this country. There’s thousands of crazy political suspicious things going on in DC. But whose gonna do something about it? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!!!! People are in such a state that either they can’t afford to go to DC and rally. The overpasses and all rallies across the country are being extremely ignored. Everyone feels helpless. Nobody really knows what to do to stop this bull$hit. So I have a feeling this is our future and it’s only gonna get worse.

  8. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Concealed permits should override open carry!!!

  9. My jaw dropped when that officer pulled out his gun while other cars were in-between the man and officer. LAWSUIT!!!! What an idiot that officer is putting other lives in danger

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