Video: WATCH Congressman Hammer Obama On House Floor: “We Did Not Elect A Dictator!”

NC GOP Rep. Mark Meadows speaking on the House bill that would fund the U.S. Government but would delay ObamaCare for one year…

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  1. BRAVO!!!!!!! We need a whole lot more patriots like him!!! Thank Goodness Americans are waking up and seeing O for what he is and for what he is doing to our beloved country.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    Way to go Rep. Mark Meadows, I am glad to see this Representatives calling it as he sees it such as obama acting like a dictator and not in the best interest of the American people. We need more politicians like him working for the people, I hope the speaker of the house listens to him.

    • I hope he has some very capable body guards.

      • Linda From NY says:

        I am sure he does, congress knows that this muslim wants to do away with our Country and many of them are not happy with this commie. Congress also see that the people have woken up and perhaps are putting pressure on them.

        I myself have email to my Senator in regards to this nasty healthcare, of course this senator is a traitor too but perhaps we can vote him out Nov 14 2013. I am hopeful, I have to be, because this is very depressing watching your Country transform into a Communist nation right before our very eyes.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        He better watch out for drones

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This Rep. Meadows deserve accolades for speaking the truth.We need more like him as you rightly point out.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    More conservatives, Tea Party people and so called republicans must come out and call a spade a spade. we must get our side out to the public.

  4. Great speech.Wish we had more of this kind of the Marxist Muslim regime to counter the Marxist

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obhypocrite/Reidiculous/Pelooser 1, Republicans/Americans 0 round 1 lost on timing

    We painted ourselves into a corner and should of known defunding would not of worked when tied to a shutdown, Obhypocrite/Reidiculous/Pelooser were laughing all the way! Right after Cruz’s filibuster was the time Boehner should of bluffed lying on his sword. Americans trusted Republicans more than Democrats in handling the issue of healthcare. They should of sent over a clean CR and the bill with the several amendments that agreed with Republicans/Americans/and Democrats. Amendments like the medical device, the delay, but especially the one that every American should be on the ACA! Reidiculous would of sent it back, then let it play out. Let the Obliterators have their funding. When the train wreck starts derailing, and the 40 hour work week dies, and the unions fold, and the lawsuits start filing in, and retirees are dumped to find their own coverage, and more companies are hiring only part-time and cutting back benefits on full-time workers, and doctors want to opt out, and congressmen want to opt out, and insurance premiums skyrocket, and grant exceptions only go to his companies, and after the whole thing implodes upon itself, then it will be time for the 2014 elections. There was no way a shutdown would of lasted that long. Not surprisingly, the last time polling showed such a preference was during a similar push for socialized medicine during Bill Clinton’s first term. In the end, big government liberals care very little about providing health care to those in need (IT WAS A POWER GRAB, JUST LIKE OBAMACARELESSJOBKILLER). As with their counterparts in dictatorships and monarchies throughout history, their true agenda lies in wielding ever more control over the lives of their subjects. Thankfully, as this poll shows, many Americans still prefer liberty to government coercion.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Polls are only good if they get certain people that agree with what your asking.

    • Given the well-proven legacy liberal bias in the mainstream-media and the usurper pResident having a non-counterable "Bully Pulpit", nothing the Republicans could have done would have worked in their favor. Even FOX News was biased against them, albeit not nearly as much as the rest of the media.

      BRAVO and KUDOS to Rep. Mark Meadows, Sen, Ted Cruz, et al who stood firm on principle while being demeaned and ridiculed.

      "We the people…" lost this battle but WILL win the war!

  6. graham jon says:

    yes you did. when you let him become pres without proving he is an american.

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