Video: WATCH Barack Hussein Obama Give Thanks To Satan!

Watch what happens when you play backwards an assortment of clips from Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago. Also, what is up with all these Flies?

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  1. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    maybe the flies like his after shave

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Remember the mega-hit TV miniseries The Bible when the character portrayed as Satan looked exactly like Obdevil, ironic?
    Given that Obdevil is continually caught in lies and Satan is the “Father of Lies”. Obdevil is tied to Satanic rituals. Satanic rituals were held at the Bohemian Grove—long known to take part in an occult ceremony called the Cremation of Care, where members wearing red-hooded robes cremate a coffin effigy at the base of an idol they call Moloch (Satan).
    As far as the flies, This proves he is Kenyan (the birthplace of flies around people, especially in films and pictures). And Obdevil really seems to believe his own BS (which draws flies, but the flies are more drawn to the BS artist).


  4. Obama is thanking Satan is because he is the son of Satan, the man is pure evil.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuma is satan coming up from the depths of hell to take God out of the US. Satans minions the atheists and muslims are at work trying to put God down.

  6. Pastor Nancy says:

    May the Only God, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have mercy on this country and the world and protect those believers who trust and study Your Word. When Obama says “god”it is Not the one we believe in. There is NO other god. There would be a strong delusion given in the end times that people would believe a lie.The Bible says, “Peace and safety! Then the end will come. See what’s coming…the Blue Beam Project, the mark of the beast healthcare, HAARP, FEMA detention/death camps, the Denver International airport, the coffins and guillotines ready to go, holograms, chemtrails, mind control, the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, etc. Can you and will you have your faith and belief in Jesus follow to your death if given the choice to worship Jesus or satan aka the beast? Pray for this situation and those not saved.

    • MuslimLuvChrist says:

      "As-salam alaykum" peace be upon you Pastor Nancy.
      Obama can not swear to anything on a Bible since muslims do not believe in God! allah is not God and will never be God, it’s just a proper name for their false deity. The muslim religion does not recognize God as the creator of all things or that Jesus is his son. They don’t belong together, and they should not be linked together. allah is some ugly looking alien moon god, and will never look as handsome as our God.
      So taqiyya-in-chief stop trying to turn America into some muslim country. If you come to this country, abide by our laws, Obama doesn’t even do that! Don’t turn America into the hell hole you just left. Where do these people get the temerity to challenge our system and intimidate the educators in our schools? Something is very wrong in a society where Obama praises a socio-economic religion and condemns the belief in a one true loving God.

  7. Pastor Nancy says:

    Obama certainly has a “mouth speaking great things”. I am not saying he is the antichrist, but a precursor. The antichrist will be much worse than Hitler..

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