Video: WATCH Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core In 4 Minutes!

Karen Lamoreaux speaks at a meeting of the Arkansas State Board of Education…

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    18X5=90, she describes how common core does it and I can not follow their approach.
    another example on Glenn Beck: 29+17=46. Due to the carry over.
    common core: 29+17=20+9+10+7=30+16=46. They don’t use the carry over technique which is the basis of an adder chip and how a computer adds. They break down the higher digits until there is no carry over. Computers would have a hard time adding like this!

    • Deep down inside at their binary ("O" or "1") level, digital computers do indeed employ the legacy carry over technique via a "shift register" which is comprised three rows of electronic (vacuum tube, transistor, etc.) "on/off switches" figuratively stacked one above the other with the number of columns in the rows dictating how many "on/off switches" (bits) the computer can work with at one time: 8 columns = 8-bits, 16 columns = 16-bits, 32 columns = 32-bit, etc., etc.

      8-bit Shift Register (figuratively)

      00010001 = 17
      00011101 = 29
      00101110 = 46

      While computers could be built using the common-core technique, all else being equal (like processor speed for one) it would take many more steps and, therefore, much more time to process.

      • MuslimLuvChrist says:

        I know, but why does common core want to add left to right instead of the logical right to left with carry. Common core makes no sense.

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