Video: WATCH 12-Year-Olds Forced To Act Like Slaves And Called N**ger By Teachers

The Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy took 12 year old children on a four day field trip to the “Nature’s Classroom” in Charlton, Massachusetts. Parents are outraged because their children were forced to re-enact slavery by picking cotton and were called “n**ger” by their teachers who pretended to be their “slave masters”. In one part of the re-enactment, the children were chased through the woods as if they were slaves on the run; and one student in the class was black.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Time to find a good lawyer and sue the shit out of the school. I don't understand why a school would try to tell a black kid about slavery when thats all the negroes talk about is how some 200years ago the southerners were to lazy to pick their own cotton so they went to african slave traders and imported domestic help.The African chief were just to happy to sell the trouble makers into slavery.

    • You hit the nail on the head! This kind of thing is why Muslims are so screwdriver
      Up…they live in the past! 1000 years ago is like yesterday to them. Everybody needs
      To MOVE ON! btw i hope these libtard teachers and school get sued but

  2. Sue! Sue! SUE! Every libtard “teacher” involved in that charade AFTER
    you Sue the school. Start with “intentional infliction of emotional
    Distress” and move on from there. (retired atty)

  3. Evermyrtle says:

    I am not black, I have never been a slave but it may a surprise, but when I was a child "I PICKED COTTON", I was not the only one to "pick cotton" either, most poor and small farmers children picked cotton,(starting in August, I believe,) five days a week until school started and then we "picked cotton" when we came in from school. I can see no signs, that this experience hurt any one of us. I and my brothers and sisters got at least a high school education and my husband and I were able to raise and educate one college professor and one newspaper journalist who won regional rewards (several states involved) for her writing.

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