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Reagan: “Only a Constitutional Amendment will do the job”

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  1. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    The requisite 2/3rds majority of State legislatures in order to convene a mandatory Article V Constitutional Convention (for Amendments) has already been reached before, but the US Congress did not recognize their mandatory duty to convene this Convention. Many of the State legislatures had already petitioned the Congress for an Article V Convention for such stated purposes as a Balanced Budget Amendment, an Anti-Abortion Amendment, Federal Term Limits Amendment, and many others. The US Congress is so arrogant that it hasn't even been keeping the tally of how many States have requested an Article V Convention, but this website below has been keeping a count. You will see that the requisite 2/3rds of the State Legislatures have already been met on several occasions. The State legislatures need to coordinate among themselves their own Article V Convention if the US Congress will continue to defy their duty to abide by their oaths to follow the US Constitution.

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