Video: Want To Know Why Our Country Is In Such A Mess?

Because we put unqualified people into a position of power and we tend to keep them there!!

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  1. Our nations ina mess since KING OBAMA the FINK took over and things are about to get worst with four more years on his reign

  2. Our nation is in a mess because we have stupid people running this country, starting with the illegal muslim in our white house and all of the others, Reid, Pelosi the Dingbat, Holder, Hillary, John McCain, and many others.

    Common sense is you don't spend more then what you received, and this muslim spends what we have and don't have. I heard some where else the real debt is 88 trillions not 16 trillions as the news report, I do not know if this is true. Knowing that the media covers for this muslim and will not expose him for what he really is, whose to know what is the real debt that this a$$ hole put us in.

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