Video: Want To Help Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse?

Here is a public service announcement with Western Journalism contributor Tom Ballantyne Jr. and British climate change “skeptic” Lord Christopher Monckton.

Filmed by Gabe Zolna. Produced by Gabe Zolna and Western Journalism.

Go here to donate to the patriots at the Cold Case Posse!

Go here to buy Tom’s book “Oh Really, O’ Reilly?” which is THE book about Obama’s ineligibility to be president.

Go here to learn more about Lord Christopher Monckton.

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  1. Nanna Gail says:

    Well Folks: I can't help but say this. He is RIGHT! I mean, if we had someone who IS a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN, who could be trusted as our next President, I would prefer to go that way. But this videa says it all. Now don't jump down my throat her, NO, I don't want to set a precedent either. I know he isn't a Natural Born American or anything, BUT, if we really can't find anyone who IS and who can be TRUSTED to run our country the way it SHOULD be run, with MUCH INPUT from "We the People", I sometimes wonder if it would work and maybe be better for us in the long run. I don't suppose so, but it was just a thought.

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