Video: Voters Say Ballot Cast For Romney Came Up Obama On Machine

The presidential election is just around the corner, and voting issues have already become a problem in North Carolina.

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  1. Retired Marine says:

    This is exactly how Harry Reid was "elected". The same complaint was made constantly, but no correction was made. Now, it's happening in the Presidential election. Go back to paper ballots.

    • Rory Tuggle says:

      Yes, it happened in that race also to me and my wife. Difference was, the ballot came up with Reid's name already checked, we had to change it.

  2. Yes you have Harry Reid and son now how cool is that, two whites and two coon asses that is all you need. Good luck

  3. Gilberto Garcia says:

    I want all voters to be verified as to whom they voted for, or if they did vote.IT IS A CONSPIRASY!

  4. "Oh crap! We've been caught! Quick, say we've fixed the problem! Tell 'em it isn't a conspiracy! Whew! That was a close one, right? I mean, people could have assumed some vote tampering was going on. We don't want to be accused of that. Obama will yell at us again. I don't want to go back in the dark place!"

  5. Howard Grant says:

    It may depend on how the machines are program, to how your vote will come out. Some one could be programing the machines that way. The evil democrats will do anything to stay in power.

  6. mr_bad_example says:

    why the hell is this AD on THIS PAGE?!?!?!?!?
    "Support President Obama
    Show Your Support for Pres. Obama's Agenda. Add Your Name Here!"

  7. David Etzel says:

    It will NOT work, we will not accept the count until they all are varified.

  8. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    Why would anybody be surprised by this when the only platform the democrat's are running on is birth control rights, gay marriage and dividing America? It is up to each of us to insure our one vote counts and be watchful of those tyrants who would neutralize that vote by rigging voting machines, losing Our Military votes, allowing illegal voters to vote, doctoring early ballots and even trying to intimidate voters at the polls. Our vote is the most powerful form of speach and we must always remember that WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! We decide who will serve us and we certainly will not allow those who would cheat to represent us. We Are The United States of America and must never taint our Constitution with such corruption as voter fraud.

  9. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    There must be extreme laws readily applied when voter fraud is discovered and an example must be made that would deter any idiot who would attempt to steal an election. Our individual vote is as useless as a screen door on a submarine if we allow these tyrants to make a mockery of Our Nations Election Process. Our right to vote is America's first line of defense for our freedom. Sound off to your State Representative, that we demand prosecution on all those who are identified as committing voter fraud. Vote just once, but contact your Congressman often and hold them accountable to America. Accountable to We The People. We The People are the government.

  10. I have said this many times, electronic devices can be manipulated anyway the programmer wants by the software that is loaded into the device, just like all the new electronic slot machines at casinos. GO BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS WITH A THUMPRINT ON THEM!

  11. If a voting machine needs to be adjusted, there is something wrong with that method!

  12. Why are my other comments being surpressed yet the one was posted in a second?

  13. Electronic voting machines are just like casino slot machines, they can be manipulated in anyway the programmer wants by the software that is loaded into the machine. GO BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS WITH A VOTERS THUMB PRINT!

  14. Thats total BS! These machines should be working FAR IN ADVANCE of voting!

  15. These machines can be manipulated anyway someone wants them to!

  16. It may be that here in the UK, where many of us have followed this and previous presidential elections, that we don't get all the news. But I cannot recall any voting machine malfunction incident that has mis-registered a vote in favour of the Republicans. It always seems to have been in favour of the Democrats. Can this be true? If so, it is beyond coincidence, and strongly points to fraud.

  17. This is nothing…The MACHINES are really 'FIXED'
    Romney is just what he has always been, a corrupt business man..not qualified to run for president and neither was his father, a Mexican citizen, who tried in 1968.
    votes are going the way they are HACKED to be voted…on Nov 6th
    The President is already picked and Romney/Obama know this they are just playing their roles out
    We are being duped AGAIN!
    The DEBATES were nothing but a stage front and a delay tactic
    The Republican Nomination was stolen from Ron Paul if you look into it you will see the truth.
    Thousands of the Republican Primary votes were hacked and toggled to show for Romney instead of Dr. Paul, check it out!
    His millions of followers and the majority of the military in the field know this, that is why they are not bothering to vote…they are not turncoat two faced like Rand Paul.
    Romney knows he is running against 'Obama, THE MYSTERY MAN' . Romney should be demanding to know who his opponent is if he is to honor the election process. Obama should have been thoroughly VETTED BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO RUN..and Romney is not demanding this necessary action…BECAUSE..
    IF you were not told/aware that…SURPRISE…,,,,
    Romney is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and is not eligible to run either. People don't care to check so, you get what you pay for a couple of phoneys. Romney is a White Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth and is a corrupt as Obama., that is why they are both smiling and putting on the act for the Circus audience….Don't take my word for it…CHECK OUT THE FACTS…

    With ELECTRONIC voting machines in place, actual voters have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome.
    It is a necessary charade till martial law is in place..then we and are children, if we do not comply are to be marched to the FEMA camps…

    • Linda From NYC says:

      whether you are right or wrong, if obama is re-elect he will change this country to another third world country and worst, muslim. I rather take my chances with Mitt, if Ron Paul was in the running I would vote for him. But right now all we got is Mitt. I have seen in utube the FEMA Camps and their ready for all of us, this has to do with the elite, the NWO. That is why is so dangerous if obama wins, obama has signed excutive order for martial law of last Dec 2011. I would not be surprise if some big ugly event such as the economy crashes or riots happens before the elections, perhaps to cancel the elections.

  18. Linda From NYC says:

    sounds like fraud to me, I hope they investigate and find out how this has happen. These demoncraps are capable of anything.

  19. Rory Tuggle says:

    It happened to my wife and to my sister-in-law, also. When brought to the attention of the poll workers, it was "Thank you for your concern, now move along….:"

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