Video: Voter Fraud Analyzed By Allen West

Allen West talks to Sean Hannity about voter fraud in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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  1. Petition for a complete audit of the 2012 election!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    When will Gov.Scott step in and when will republicans ban together and fight these crooked democrats.Sean should know that we will never get the truth out of the Obunghole regime.

  3. It is virtually impossible to get even 95% of a large group of people to all agree much less 100% and 99%!!! I doubt that 99% would agree to eliminate Income Taxes….. And then how can you have more people legally casting votes than there are registered voters???
    I agree with West that the 4000 vote swing is extremely unusual, and recounting the Early Votes is the reason???
    This has been a very bad but well played stage act and is as believable as WWE Wrestling show.

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