Video: “Veterans Scaring Obama”

Perhaps we should do Obama’s duty for him….since it is clear he will not.

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    Gee, let me get this straight.
    Obama thinks that Veterans who swore an Oath to Defend the United States forever, even to death, will somehow make us dangerous to him and his gang of Thugs as they continue to willfully destroy this Nation of Ours.
    Maybe Obama is completely stupid after all!!
    Yes, Obama, We are your worst nightmare and you can be assured that we will not let you destroy our country. If Islam can declare a Fatwa against someone, we too can single out enemies. If you can have an Enemies List — So can we, the defenders of this nation….. Guess who is on our List??

    • Sir, with respect to you, you are a bit late. Obama has his army in place, and the militias and such run around in the woods playing paint ball. Find what Pat Roberson said was the answer. Maybe his way would work. Talking, petitions and threats accomplish nothing.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Couldn't agree with Bill more.The minute a civilian posse went to the border the jerkball president would send Holder the muslim down to arrest and kill citizens for doing the work of the government.

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