Video: Veteran Journalist Threatened By White House

Bob Woodward says he was told by a “very senior” White House official that he would regret his comments on the sequester being Obama’s idea.

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  1. That was a threat coming from the WH….Ask…well, you can't…he's dead…BREITBART!!

  2. The W.H. has threatened LOTS of people and maybe some day it will all come out

  3. Against this change says:

    What's next, threats toward law abiding citizens? Oh…. Wait, that's already happened. If anyone is stupid enough to think that we are not repeating 1776 all over again they are lying to them selves. We are smack dab in the center of a revolution as we speak.

    I think the white house is functioning like its own country. It is no longer an object, or a place of living for the president. But a liberal, tyrianical, and opressive country which wants the rest of the U.S. to fall in line and do as we are told. Maybe we should dig a 1 mile moat about 200-300 feet deep around the white house and just let them have their country. They could even call it The Dictatorship of Columbia or maybe New Kenya or where ever obama is from….. Then he could be the dictator he has always wanted to be…….

    God Bless US.

    • We are already getting those. Check out all of the arms with bullets they are buying. Someone on here will have the exact statistics on it…I am trying to remember…it "seems" like enough to kill all of us several times over!

      • 2 Billion Rounds (mostly Hollow Points, and about 200,000 rounds of Sniper Ammo) of Ammunition, 7,000 Fully Automatic Assault Rifles not including the 2,500+ M16's already received and not including the 1,500+ M4's already received from the U.S. Military, 2,500 Armored Anti-IED/Anti-mine Vehicles, Hundreds of Thousand of Armored Personnel Carriers, Hundreds of Thousands of Armored "Pill Boxes" (Bulletproof Toll Booth type structures), They have also purchased tons of High Explosives.

        If we were to use all of those rounds in another Iraq style war, it would last for 28 years…or put another way, there are more than 6 Rounds for each and every American Citizen. Oh and since "Hollow Point" Ammunition is outlawed by the Geneva Convention for use in war, where do they intend to use that Ammunition unless it's on us.

        • RacerJim says:

          If I recall correctly the Department of Homeland Security referred to those 7,000 fully automatic long guns as “personal defense weapons” not “assault rifles”. Far be for the Marxist usurper to call for a ban on “assault rifles” in the wake of Sandy Hook while intending to use same on “We the people…”.

          • jon graham says:

            it's only that way if they have them and not you.

          • Peaver Bogart says:

            The way I fugure it Jon, When they come to my house I'll be ready for em'. Then I will have their weapons and ammunition. And I have a backhoe that will dig a nice hole to plant em' in.

        • jon graham says:

          it's about time that someone work up to see that obummer and the dumbocrats are trying to overthrow the government. with help from McCain and the other rinos so he can be head clown

        • jon graham says:

          where else. need them to overthrow the government

  4. Charles17121 says:

    A leftist journalist getting the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama treatment is just too much to ignore even for the lame stream media . How's it feel Mr Woodward ?
    Maybe now you and the rest of the lame stream media will wake up to the fact that We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President but I'm not holding my breath .

  5. Jack the FAC says:

    Obama learned his lessons well from the Chicago Mob.

  6. obama is dumb period..

  7. The Media has bent way over for Obama – it has made the rest of us sickened by their fawning – and they are surprised that bent over, they are now "feeling it"? If they weren't such cowardly, shoe licking yellow journalists, we would have more sympathy. Maybe Woodward has finally said "Enough!" and decided to fight back – if so, Hooray for him! Maybe Walter Chronkite and Edward R Morrow will stop spinning in their graves at the damage these "journalists" have been doing to the USA? We are fast approaching the point where those who believe in Liberty and the Constitution will have to take up arms to fight off the tyrants bent on subjugating us, and the pathetic weasels who were so busy enriching themselves on our money that they forgot they were elected to represent "We the People". The fight is coming – pick sides knowing you may have all eternity to regret the wrong choice…

  8. Evermyrtle says:

    Obama, as usual threatens wheN the truth is about to come out. There is nothing he hates worse than the truth, as in GOD, GOD IS TRUTH.

  9. Raymond says:

    More death threats from obama the muslim.

  10. RacerJim says:

    Yesterady former Slick Willie propagandist turned political analyst and Obama supporter Lanny Davis admitted that The Washington [DC] Times’ White House reporter recently told him the White House had threatened to revoke his White House Press Corps pass if The Washington Times ran any more articles by him (Lanny Davis).


  12. Oscar Dar says:

    If the Obama administration could do such a threatening treatment to Bob Woodward, who is famous pundit , writer and author, how much to anyone of us? This man who is not even a US citizen, has no right to be in the White House. We have the right to demand his resignation or a CITIZEN arrest anytime. WE MUST GET READY to march to Washington anytime. WE CAN NO LONGER WAIT TO GET RID OF THIS UNDOCUMENTED AND KENYAN IMPOSTOR PRESIDENT. We can not get rid of Obama by simply writing or talking about Obama's violations and impeachable offenses. WE MUST DO IT WITH ACTION…

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