Video: Valerie Jarrett Was A Slum Lord In Obama’s State Senate District

One of the odd things about socialists is that while redistributing wealth, they tend to redistribute it into their own pockets. After the socialist candidate Francoise Hollande won the presidential election in France last week, it was reported he owned three homes on the French Riviera, an area that makes Beverly Hills look like a slum.

The same goes for Valerie Jarrett, the slum lord extraordinaire in then-Senator Obama’s district. While championing “social justice” with Obama, and living in the lap of luxury on the taxpayers’ dime, the conditions at Chicago’s Grove Parc Plaza, the government-subsidized housing managed by Jarrett’s Habitat Co. (she was the CEO from 2001-2008), were appalling: rampant mice, roaches, broken windows. Looking at the conditions, listening to the tenants talk to reporters in 2008, makes one cringe. But more so makes one wonder if the mainstream media can go fifty years into the past to dig up some non-existent Romney bullying incident, why couldn’t they have driven a few miles from Senator Obama’s campaign headquarters to see the abhorrent conditions at Grove Parc Plaza?

Of course we know it was because the mainstream media protected Obama then, and protects him to this day.

Slum lords that foist these types of conditions on their tenants generally go to jail. But apparently in the United States, they become chief advisors to the President.

Valerie Jarrett should be served with a warrant today and jailed. Then we can get to the business of finding out what high crimes and misdemeanors her boss has committed.

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  1. The skirt behind which he hides. She takes her orders directly from the top..not him, he isn't the top, he is the puppet..I am talking about Soros or whoever is really pulling the strings.
    Her claim to fame is that she advises him on everything he does. I can look at her and tell she is just the epitome of good advice.
    How the heck did we end up in such a mess? To kill the snake, cut off his head……

  2. Iftruthbeknown says:

    Go right to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not (ever) collect $200.

  3. berneemc says:


    • Edwardkoziol says:

      So true I watched them destroy brand new housing developments in Troy,NY years ago when I was around 13.This high rises were put up along the Hudson River waterfront property and in just a few years they turned them in to ratholes.I was driving through Atlanta and drove through a poor sectionand the had this apartment complex and as you drove buy you could se the backyard where they chucked out furniture and garbage.There is no excuse for living like that I don't care what color you are

  4. Jarrett is every bit as dangerous as Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pig-loosy and Schumer.

    • This is exactly what happens when you bring the jungle to the city. I have zero sympathy for their lifestyle. They chose to live in that rat hole. I suggest get off your lazy watermelon munching A$$ and get a job, instead of my tax $$$$$$$$$$$ taking care of your sorry butt. God gave you the right of choice so make it.The projects are just a haven for poor me syndrome people that needs a good swift kick in the A$$. The time has come to stop blaming whitey for your plight. I have had nothing to do with it and am sick and tired of being politically correct. Try stop having so many kids to collect your so called you owe it to me money and try and honestly work…..Doubt this will get through to you all as you are so far up Ovomits a$$ you really feel that the country owes you something. Why dont you start taking care of my family for once.

      • Thats right you dont know how…. as this is now a 4th generation of disgust. you should be ashamed of yourself for honestly calling yourself an American. The way you have milked and raped this country is a crying shame. I hope when you look into the mirror you will see the true pieces of crap that fell out of a tall cows a$$. Enjoy it for now because I see a new horizon and buddy your not in it.

  5. RacerJim says:

    Recall that Valerie Jarrett got Michelle Obama that six-figure job at a Chicago hospital which didn’t exist before and hasn’t been filled since Michelle quit in 2007…that job in which Michelle “steered” low-income patients away from the hospital to less-capable community clinics.

    Recall also that Valerie Jarrett, as co-chair of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic Committee, accompanied Michelle on a tax-payer funded junket to Denmark to promote Chicago as host city for the 2016 Olympics. Included in Valerie Jarrett’s proposal to the Olympic Committee was the purchase, demolition and rebuilding of the slums owned by Jarret by Chicago tax-payers.

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