Video: Valerie Jarrett: Fat Cat Banker

Obama loves to demonize all the “fat cat” bankers jaunting around the globe in their corporate jets, eating caviar on their yachts.  That stalwart of the middle class, that defender of “the little guy” Barry Obama dukes it out with those greedy Wall Street goons on a daily basis on our behalf and complains that we should be thanking him.

Except the woman behind the man, Valerie Jarrett, just happened to be Director of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago from January 2006 until April 2007.  She also just happened to resign from this job at about the same time as Obama began his fight for the little guy and joined the presidential fray. She just happened to be a slum lord extraordinaire, making millions off of the misery of the poor.

We could use the word “hypocrisy” and tear Obama’s Anonymous mask off, but there would be nothing there, as Obama’s rhetoric is about as empty as the man himself.

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  1. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    I say Kudos to the fat wall street bankers. If everyone with money would leave this country, the US would not stand a chance. And it surpirises me how many go to his big fund raisers so I aassume they must be in his back pocket. Wake up America

  2. RacerJim says:

    Obama and his administration is the biggest and worst fraud ever perpetrated on “We the people…”

  3. My guess is you will know by my name that I am in support of Valerie Jarrett!
    Cynthia Jarrett

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