Video: ‘US Secretly Pushing For Islamic Fascist Regime In Egypt’

Egypt’s opposition is calling for more protests, after President Morsi insisted on ploughing ahead with a referendum on the new constitution, which is viewed by many as discriminatory.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    No matter what his lap dog Jay Carney says Obutthole wants the muslim brotherhood in charge of Egypt that is why he keeps Huma Weiner in the loop as Hitlary right hand woman.

    • Yep, just what I was thinking when I read the title of this article, “and who do you suppose is responsible for this “push” “? No one, except our “dear negro/mu SLIME “””leader””” “!!!! Ya, leading us all, including the poor fools in Egypt, and the other fools in the middle east, right down the road to IS SLIMIC rule and domination! A hell of their own making, with the help, and a LOT of it, from this filthy, slimey, mu SLIME bastard in the White House! And when the shite hits the fan over there, just WHO do you think those idiots will blame for the prediciment that they find themselves in? Well, us, the United States! We will be blamed, AGAIN, for the mess and hell that they will all be in, under the RULE of these dirty, nasty, perverted old men who will make their lives worse than hell, a living, breathing, hell on earth. As far as “secret” goes, I don’t think that any of us really consider this to be such a “great secret”, except for the blind and deliberatly stupid jerks that voted this mu SLIME son of a whore into office, once more setting us up for even greater failure, and loss of all that has ever mattered to Americans, who have always valued their freedom and liberty! Yep, we have the BEAST right in our own White House, and his name is HUSSEIN! Forget the Barack, and Obama, HIS REAL NAME IS HUSSEIN!!!!

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